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The Nokia 8.3 – A 5G Enabled Smartphone With Global Roaming Capabilities

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Last year, Nokia became the first brand to launch a 5G device capable of global roaming. The Nokia 8.3 smartphone is also optimized for not only today’s stand-alone networks, but tomorrow’s too. A stand-alone network is one that can only be accessed by authorized people, mostly employees or members of an organization. If you remember the Nokia 8.3, it is the gadget of choice by the James Bond movie No Time To Die.

Back to 5G, a network that Nokia plans to make accessible to everyone, what is it and how can it benefit ordinary phone users? By ordinary I mean aside from the huge capabilities for industrial, agriculture, medical and tourist fields that 5G will enable. And these are just a few.

Now that 5G is no longer a future service but a present one which is fast coming to handheld devices, how will mobile users benefit from it?

The biggest advantages of 5G are super-fast speeds. 5G is coming in with great transmission speed and these higher speeds mean that we can access everything faster. Like programs, files and in these days when virtual working has become a thing, faster transmission is here to improve working conditions tremendously.

Speed is important to this current generation. We want everything now with no delays and that’s ok. This is also the generation that is creative and very innovative and can only get better when their creativity around technology is met with the right network speeds.

5G is also coming with lower latency. Latency being the delay between a user’s action and a web application’s response to that action. This way 5G users are able to take advantage of the faster speeds to work faster and get things done with faster. If for example one is in e-commerce, they’ll be able to source inventory faster and sell faster and this is good for the bottom line.

With 5g, latency is ten times less than 4G, enabling users to do things in real time. With fast speeds, it is also valid to access software directly from cloud without installing apps.

With 5G there is going to be a higher number of connected devices and all connected devices will be able to access the internet instantly. The end result of this is real time exchange of information between people and networks and this is a perfect scenario for technologies like IoT. With a handheld mobile device that is 5G enabled, a user can be able to control their whole home. This is also how smart cities will work seamlessly.

As 5G becomes more prevalent and tech innovators get more creative, more of these advantages will trickle down to end users and this will in turn feed the need for even more innovation. In the end we are looking at a world that is moving at super-fast speeds. A world that does business faster and empowers more business owners. There are now many 5G networks that are commercially available worldwide and industries and businesses are jumping onto this technology to reap the benefits.

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