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Help Get More Women In Tech With Bolt Taxi Hailing App

by Femme Staff
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I’m loving the consistency with which women are embracing technology, taking their space in it, and using it to further their careers. Gone are the days when technology studies were heavily skewed, not only by gender, but also by economic ability for young people to take technical courses. Women want to pursue technology, and one of the best things that Government and private sector can do is to give them a helping hand.

Lack of adequate training programmes and information, problems accessing finance and restrictive socio-cultural norms are limiting the success of women’s businesses not only in Kenya but in other parts of the world as well.

A lot is being done towards enabling women to be competitive in the digital economy, not just in studies but opportunities too. Bolt is offering paid internships in operations, marketing, PR and engineering for 12 women across Africa.

The internship will offer women at the start of their careers access to Top Bolt executives with years of experience across Europe and Africa and successful candidates will have the chance to not only start a career in tech, but also make a difference in the ride-hailing space.

Do you know a woman who deserves this opportunity? A woman who is ready to start a career in technology? Then here is what you need to do.

  • Using the hashtag #DrivingWITech, nominate her with a post on your social media (Twitter or IG). Make a case for why she deserves the Internship role and what she would contribute to the industry  if given the opportunity.

The top finalists will be announced in April and the internship program will begin in May.

Equipping women with tech skills is opening up career development opportunities for them and this has proven to promote social integration and inclusivity.

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