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Nokia Accessories To Spice Up Your Phone Use

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When we hear the word Nokia, our minds immediately stay locked on their wide range of phones which just about everyone has used or knows someone who has used. But Nokia also has some cool accessories to spice up our lives and our phone use.

Did you know for instance that Nokia has a range of branded audio accessories like the Nokia Earbuds Lite, and a brand-new Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker with integrated microphone? This is the first in the portfolio.

Nokia also has custom made protective cases for their phones. On any given day, custom made is better because you are sure of a perfect fit, and since it will be branded, then it completes the look of our phone beautifully.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite

The Earbuds Lite are of a design that is comfortable to wear and are quite the companion as they will give users 35 hours of play time. They are perfect for the gym as they are waterproof upto 1 meter for 30 minutes. The 6mm graphene speaker drivers give you clear-cut sound.

The original Nokia Power Earbuds have also been refreshed with two new colours – Polar Night, inspired by the Nokia 8.3 5G, and a fresh new colour – Mint.

Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker

The wireless speaker will give 4 hours of play time. It has an integrated microphone and so in these days when we are working more and more away from each other, group calls will be a breeze. You can also pair two speakers for high quality stereo audio output. The speaker also has universal Bluetooth compatibility so it can be connected with other devices that users may have, and not necessarily Nokia.

These accessories are all wrapped up in sustainable packaging made from 100% recyclable paper, taking the company one step closer towards reducing the environmental impact of its business and products.

As we seek to make our technology lives more advanced, more functional and more enjoyable, Nokia phones and accessories are right there to enable that.

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