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Five Gifts That Keep On Giving

by Femme Staff
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Life is full of special occasions that are marked by gift-giving, leaving many of us scratching our heads, trying to think of something original to give this year. The right gift can show our loved ones just how much they mean to us — by demonstrating a little bit of intentional thoughtfulness on our part as the gift giver.

You can go the tried-and-tested route of flowers, jewellery, or clothes but it’s often the out-of-the-box ideas that get the best reception. Long after the excitement of the day has worn off, thoughtful gifts will still be there, reminding your loved one that they are valued. Here’s the low-down on some non-traditional and sustainable gifts that’ll earn you serious brownie points. 

Gym membership

If the person you’re gifting to loves keeping fit or they’ve started taking fitness more seriously, a great way to motivate them would be to pay for their gym membership fees. It could be for a month to get them started, three months to get them addicted, or even a whole year to encourage consistency in their efforts. The fit-conscious will thank you long after the gift has passed for supporting them and encouraging them to keep at their health goals. 

Weekly grocery shopping

Paying for your giftee’s weekly grocery shopping is another way to make a lasting impact. Either buy them shopping vouchers or have the groceries delivered to them weekly. This is especially valuable for those who are super-busy and need a helping hand. Alternatively, you could gift a subscription to services such as Trycooked or Love and Meals who deliver meal kits which include ingredients and a recipe. It’s not only thoughtful, but also gives them a chance to try out new dishes.

Home-cleaning service 

For most of us, cleaning our homes is a necessary but very tiring and time-consuming chore. Save someone the hassle of thinking about their next home clean by getting them a helper. A service like SweepSouth offers on-demand cleaning services so booking your loved one a regular clean will ensure your loved one has a clean place to come home to, without having to go through the trouble of doing it themselves after a long day. The benefit of using a service such as this one, is that the cleaners have been vetted by the service provider to ensure maximum safety standards.


Netflix and chill is not just a social media meme anymore. It’s what helped most of us get through 2020. Think about gifting your loved one a paid subscription to DSTV, Netflix, YouTube Play, or whichever streaming service best suits their appetite. It’ll give them an opportunity to de-stress while catching up on all their favourite shows. Plus, one of the easiest ways to bond is over a shared love for a particular show or movie. The gift of knowledge

Think about an area that the person you’re gifting to is passionate about. Maybe they love photography and are the designated photographer at all your social gatherings. Perhaps they take pleasure in whipping up delicious meals and would jump at the chance to try professional cooking lessons. Or, they may need a little help with money management and a financial literacy class could change their lives. Education is a gift which can never be stolen or taken away and any recipient will thank you years down the line for making a tangible impact on their lives.  

Thinking of you

Whatever gift you’re considering, take some time out to really think about your recipient: who they are, their hobbies, and what they really need. The best gifts are often those that you didn’t have to tell someone you wanted (maybe because you didn’t even know!) — they just got a sense of it and made the magic happen. Most of the success of a gift is in the thought that goes into it beforehand

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