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Dance With itel A37 And Diamond Platnumz And Win 100,000 Cash! #IDanceWithDiamond

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As itel mobile ushers in its newest member of the family the itel A37, the company has also announced its partnership with Diamond Platnumz as the Brand Ambassador. Quite befitting! Diamond has embraced the phone as the A37 as his choice of phone and in line with his prowess in entertainment, there will be a dance challenge with a grand prize of Ksh.100,000/-

The challenge promises to be mad fun for those who will take part in it will be running on video platforms Vskit, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. It will be running under the hashtags #IDanceWithDiamond #DanceWithItelA37.

What do you need to be able to take part in the challenge? Just dance. Dance, take a video of yourself dancing, upload it on the platforms mentioned above, and just like that you are in the first round of online auditions. It is a competition, so give it your best moves!

From here, 15 winners will get into the second phase of the challenge which will be offline. Out of those, the top 3 will be announced winners. The challenge will be countrywide so the top 3 winners will be invited to Nairobi and awarded the cash prizes plus certificates.

The 15 winners from the first round will not walk off empty handed. They will be awarded the itel32TV+ and a certificate.

As for the top 3 cash winners, the first will get Ksh.100,000/-, the second will get Ksh.80,000/-, and the third will get Ksh.50,000/-. Follow this link, get dancing, submit your entry and you could just be the lucky winner!

Also, check out the itel A37 which will be retailing for Ksh. 6,960/-. Quite a good entry level or budget phone if you ask me. If you have been thinking of buying a gift for a loved one or even one for yourself, this is something to consider.

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