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Personalize Your OPPO Phone With ColorOS

by Femme Staff
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The OPPO Reno 5 and Reno5 F are without a doubt the best phones I have used in a long time. More so the Reno5 which I went ahead to call ‘near perfect’ because that is how I feel about it.  There are many niche features that make using these phones such a wholesome experience and we have looked at some of them like the Super VOOC charging and the cameras.

Another great feature is ColorOS.

ColorOS is an OPPO user interface that is layered on top of the Android operating system. This gives OPPO users creative freedom to tweak their phones to a great level of personalization, not only in terms of look and feel but other areas like power conservation, convenience tools and app optimization. In the end, users have phones that truly reflect their personalities. It makes perfect sense why this is such an important feature. Because as a client, it is you who remains with the phone in the palm of your hand for days and maybe years on end. It better look like you want it to look. Since the OS is Android based, it has the full spectrum of Android benefits for a safe and up-to date phone.

As mentioned in the review article, it is the operating system you never knew you needed. “A flexible and highly customizable OS that will allow your creativity to shine through as you create the phone you want for yourself. ColourOS allows you to easily add your own personal touches to your phone so that after taking time to experiment with tweaks here and there, the phone really becomes you.

The best way to experience ColorOS is to use it and I have had the chance to do just that. Though there are too many features to all fit in one article, these are the ones that stood out most to me, even as I continue using the rest.

Always-On Display

To get to the Always-On display, go to settings, personalization, Always On. Go ahead and get wild.

One of the features I warmed up to immediately is the Always-On display, with the most fascinating item being the kaleidoscope star. With this, you can pick one of the existing designs, but OPPO goes ahead and gives you tools and freedom to draw your own. With these tools you can create endless displays of patterns until you settle on the one you feel is it.

App shapes and colours

You are also able to chose app icons and colours of your choice based on the system theme you choose to run with. The themes come as pre-sets, with a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from. You can even choose to completely not have the name of the app on display, just the logo. So, if you are a minimalist like me and you can get to know your apps by image, this is the feature for you. You may want to ease into this as opposed to making drastic changes at once, so that you have time to recognize the apps. After all they will have different logos and no names. While we are here, App layout is also customizable.

Edge lighting

Edge lighting – a feature where the edges of the phone light up ever so softly as a notification of incoming messages when the phone is on rest mode. There aren’t too many choices to customize this though. Just a few colour themes and they are enough really. This is a beautiful addition and since it is not a full on screen light up, I doubt it makes much difference to power consumption.


You can also choose how the in-screen fingerprint reader behaves on use. Someone thought I was being petty by customizing something as seemingly trivial as this but hey!

There are several options for the in-screen fingerprint animation, from demure to a burst of stars. In the spirit of being dramatic, I am using this burst of stars.

I think it is really considerate for a phone manufacturer to allow users to mirror their personalities onto their phones. I’m quite pleased with how far OPPO has let us do this and I’m sure more enhancements of this will come in the future.   

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