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Something Good Is About To Come From Infinix Mobility

by Femme Staff
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Phone enthusiasts pay attention. Something good is about to come from Infinix Mobility which has recently won the prestigious iF Design Award for its well thought out design. Infinix won this award thanks to the Infinix Zero 8 in the Telecommunication category. The great design is in line with Infinix promise of well crafted phones with great performance, design and quality. Winning this award was no mean feat. Infinix fought through almost 10,000 entries from 52 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

Back to the news that is said to be in the pipeline. What information is available so far about the upcoming phone?

Well, to begin with, current information indicates that the primary shooter will be a 48Megapixel camera with a revolutionary feature dubbed super nightscape. It is rumoured to be paired with a 2MP depth sensor and AI lens that will elevate the shooting experience and quality.

If recent releases from the telecomms giant are anything to go by, the device will feature a gorgeous outward appearance and textured rear and feel like a perfect fit in your hand. The device is slated to be perfect for those of us who love gaming, socializing, having fun and spending time browsing social media, listening to music in fitness, and watching videos at night among others.

The Hot 10 T is likely going to adopt a high performance chipset that will enable the phone to offer performance and speed that surpasses all expectations. Coupled with what we expect to be a 5,000 mAh battery, this little King Kong will be one mind blowing device.

Fortunately for we Infinix fans, this device does not seem to be far from making its debut in Kenya. How do we know this? Because of a fun new activity that has been making rounds on social media dubbed From Newbie To Champion. This Infinix campaign is geared towards the upgrading of university basketball courts based on graffiti designs submitted by students and the youth online. And get this, among the prizes for this campaign is, drum roll please, a brand new Infinix HOT10 T. Just the thought of this has us giddy with anticipation.

With all this in mind, we expect that the Hot10 T will be quite a looker, and to also score high in performance.

We shall be doing a comprehensive review of the gadget once it hits our desk. Keep it here.

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