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Covid Statistics And Payout By Minet

by Femme Staff

As of April 2021, Minet Kenya has overseen pay out of covid-19 related claims amounting to over 300 million Kenya Shilling. This is from a reported 895 cases within the various medical schemes we manage. The average cost of treatment is around 330,000 ksh. Items that would feature in these bills include, PPEs, medication, doctors fee and bed charges depending on the length of stay. However, the 3rd wave presented a more severe strain of the virus which saw an increase in cases that need hospitalization for drastic medical intervention such as treatment within ICU and HDU settings.

These unpredictable scenarios affirm our duty to always confer with our clients on options available to manage costs. Some of the options include increase scope of cover, supplement available cover with wellness solutions, etc.  Our aim is to ensure our clients experience 360-degree care as we navigate the pandemic. Active covid cases are being managed on; home based care for those with mild symptoms; isolation wards for those with suspect covid diagnosis but asymptomatic and on hospital admission for those with severe symptoms. Our toll-free line, 0800720029 is available to our clients as mental wellness is vital in pulling through this pandemic.

Covid AnalysisNo.
Total number of cases895
No of cases discharged737
No of cases (Fatalities)94
No of cases currently receiving care63
Cost incurred302,528,909
Average cost of treatment338,021

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