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Your Complete Guide to Twin Tub Washing Machines

by Femme Staff
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A technological wonder in the truest sense, washing machines have made our lives hassle-free. A washing machine has always helped in bringing some relief to our busy lives, despite the pace at which our lives are moving. Washing machines also help us multitask washing and drying clothes simultaneously.

The twin tub washer is a common variety of the semi-automatic machine, where you will find two tubs – one used for washing and the other for spin-drying. It will need you to move the clothes from one tub to the other after the wash cycle. If you are looking to replace your old machine or to purchase your very first washing machine for your new place, here are some of the features of twin tub washing machines:

  • Twin tub machines are actually one of the most water efficient laundry appliance option. These washing machines use less water when compared to a front-loading washer. Start off with a load of lightly soiled washing, and then recycle the same water to wash more heavily soiled laundry.  If you are really dedicated towards the environment, you can even save the water to use on your garden, though you will have to make sure you use an eco-friendly detergent if you want to do this.
  • The spin cycle is very efficient – The spin on a twin tub will outperform many automatics, which means less drying time. The spin tub in the machine is incredible, spinning the clothes much drier than any other washing machine can.
  • Reusability – You also can reuse the water for more than one load of washing! For example, you can wash your lightly soiled clothes first and then move on to more heavily soiled items such as towels and sheets. Use the rinsed water from the first load as the washing water for the next load. No other type of washing machine will not allow you to reuse the water.
  • Save time – Removing so much excess water means that your clothes will dry that much faster, whether you are hanging them on the line outdoors, indoors on clothes horses, or using the dryer.  Twin tub washing appliances can also wash your clothes much faster than standard machines – saving you considerable amount of time!
  • If you are looking to add clothes last minute, you can just open top door and throw in that cloth. Top loader twin tub washing machines make it easier to add those forgotten clothes mid-wash.

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