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HMD Global New Brand Positioning And The Promises It Comes With

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Nokia has revamped its brand position with a promise for simplicity, durability, and affordability of their gadgets. Nokia is taking a three pronged approach to the revamp. Love, Trust and Keep.


Nokia assures users that they will love the phones coming their way from now hence because they are coming with prolonged battery life. This spans from one day to a whole three days. Having this kind of battery life is a win for users because what use is a good phone if it keeps drying out when in use? At a time when we are always hunched on our phones, a guarantee that battery will not run out just when we are catching up with our favourite videos online or attending zoom meetings is a good promise from Nokia.


Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives as they evolve to become our go to for just about everything. We’re using our phones for communication, entertainment, school work, to capture moments, and some of us are using them as full on offices. But do we ever stop to consider that we are always feeding information about ourselves into our phones? Every single feature that you use gathers some information about you. And that is somewhat inevitable because that’s just how technology works.

So, the next best thing that phone manufacturers can do is to ensure that the gadgets that we are feeding information into are secure.  And not just secure but upto date too because security vulnerabilities are always cropping up and need to be kept in check before they cause harm.

Depending on which Nokia phone a user chooses, the phones come with up to  three years of monthly security updates and two years of software upgrades for free as standard. This way customers are assured that their phones will not get hacked and their information leaked.


In these times when economic hard times have hit just about everyone globally, durability is a strong selling point for gadgets. You want to purchase a gadget that lasts long enough to give maximum value for money. This is what HMD’s third brand promise entails. Phones that are well crafted to last longer, as well as good warranties to cover users.

That is the new Nokia philosophy. It was unveiled in early April as HMD ushered in six new phones in response to consumer needs for safe affordable and long lasting phones.

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