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Why You Will Love The LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds

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LG Electronics has officially unveiled in Kenya innovative wireless ear buds that promise an exceptional listening experience, and also come with an industry-first UV Nano case that eliminates bacteria and germs on the earbuds as they charge. The earbuds will be a favourite for many and here is why.


Earbuds that are not ergonomically made can be anything from very uncomfortable giving the wearer a splitting headache. At first when you wear them, they seem fine but within as little as half an hour the discomfort checks in. Which is very unfortunate because when purchasing earphones, you want a pair that you can wear for long hours to pick calls, get to zoom calls, listen to music and watch videos. Without having to reach for pain killers.

The LG Tone Free Wirless Earbuds are built with balance to be well fitting, comfortable in the ear, and not keep falling off. They should be built with majority of the weight resting inside the ear and this is what you get from LG.


The very essence of purchasing earphones is sound. So, it better be good sound. The sound on the LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds is made in partnership with Meridian Sound – a company that is well known for crafting near perfect high fidelity audio and video solutions. The sound on these earbuds comes out natural and authentic.

Coupled with good output is also a good receiver mic that is located at the bottom of the buds. This one picks sound clearly so that the person or people you’re talking to get you loud and clear.

Germ Killing UV

Earbuds can be a breeding ground for bacteria and this scenario is made worse if the user shares his/her pair. Not advisable but there are people who do. The LG charging case which is where the earbuds rest when not in use has inbuilt UV Nano LEDs that kill 99.9% of germs in the speaker mesh in just 10 minutes. This function works when the charging case is connected to power, hence killing two birds with one stone.

Medical Grade Silicone

Ever used earbuds made of hard plastic? Then you will really appreciate the softness of the LG Tone Free Wireless earbuds. These are made of medical grade silicone so they are soft in the ears and you barely feel them. They are hypoallergenic so your comfort is assured.

In the next article, we shall look at more features of the LG earbuds, especially in terms of technology. Keep it here.

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