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The Nokia 5.4 – Security, Battery And Camera

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Among the most notable effects of the pandemic is that the need for working digitally has spiked very noticeably. With that, there is also the corresponding need for gadgets that can do the job. With people taking onto side hustles and even main jobs and executing exclusively on phone, having a good phone is therefore tied to the success or failure of a business. We want phones that are fast, and that stay on for long enough without battery failures.

What does the Nokia 5.4 have toward this?


A good camera will always come in handy, be it for work or fun. This means you’ll never miss a moment – whether you’re capturing your passion project or precious family moments. The Nokia 5.4 has a 48MP camera with zero shutter lag. Championing speed and performance at amazing value, the Nokia 5.4 is the perfect partner for budding photographers.

The camera comes bundled with other features to further customize user experience. For instance, it has professional colour grading which will make your videos almost cinematic. If for example you run an online store and rely on good photographs and videos to drive sales, this is a good camera to work with.

The impressive combo of a 48MP quad camera and 16MP front camera allows you to take stunning photos and videos. Capturing incredible detail at any time and in any place has never been easier – be it in the light, dark, at home or on the move.


Leaders in offering the latest security patch updates and Android upgrades, Nokia smartphones have three years of security updates covered. This brings peace of mind to customers especially in these days that cyber criminals are becoming sharper and more organized. Built to last and always secure the Nokia 5.4 is ready for Android™ 11 and beyond. With three years of monthly security updates and two years of software upgrades, you’ll stay secure and up to date for longer. This is particularly important because the more people get digital, the more security is needed.


The Nokia 5.4 has a 4000mAh battery which is estimated to 42 commutes at a mean global commute estimate of 67 minutes. And there will still be spare juice even after that. With a generous two-dayᵛᶦᶦᶦ battery life, the Nokia 5.4 is there for you and your family when you need it most and it gives you the freedom to do more. AI-assisted Adaptive Battery technology offers smarter app usage and prioritises power to the things that matter to you.

“With the Nokia 5.4 we wanted to combine high performance with great value and offer more with this phone. I like to think we set the bar for what mid-range phones should offer, so it’s hugely important to me to design phones that not only perform but are also secure and built to last. Being built to last is about much more than craftsmanship, it’s the ongoing maintenance and updates. Whether you’re powering an electric car or a Nokia handset, understanding that software updates are vital to ensuring your tech’s performance is crucial. I’m proud to say that we are one of the firms who do this best.”Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer and Vice President of North America, HMD Global.

There is a lot more to the Nokia 5.4 and we will be doing a comprehensive review once we have used the phone. Keep it here.

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