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The Nokia Wireless Speaker

by Femme Staff
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When most people hear the name Nokia, what comes to mind is phones since it is a household name for those. But Nokia also has accessories that come with the same promise of quality  as the phones.

One of those accessories is the Nokia Wireless speaker – a small round powerhouse of sound that I’ve been using for the last few weeks. The speaker comes in a simple white box, in which you will find a charging cable and the speaker itself. It comes in black and does not seem to have any other options as far as this is concerned. That’s fine although I can picture a white one in my life.

One of my favourite features of the Bluetooth speaker is the cord which you can use to hang the phone somewhere or wrap around your hand. It helps that the speaker itself is just about palm size and I liked the idea of wearing it via the cord and then resting the speaker in my hands. Nice little companion for walks around the neighborhood. Of course it can also just be placed anywhere around the house or workplace.

The speaker has a 4 hour playtime which seems rather little. I went around this by using it in the evenings when I just need an hour or two of music as I fall asleep. Not that it can’t be used in the day. With time users will get a routine of how to fit it into their lifestyles, and how to keep it constantly charged.

It has universal Bluetooth capability, so it is a fine companion that is not choosy about connecting to devices from other manufacturers. One may be tempted to think that it will only connect to Nokia phones but that is not the case.

It has an integrated microphone and so in these days when we are working more and more away from each other, group calls will be a breeze. I read that you can also pair two speakers for high quality stereo audio output and this is really something I would really like to try.

Nokia accessories are all wrapped up in sustainable packaging made from 100% recyclable paper, taking the company one step closer towards reducing the environmental impact of its business and products. It also feels good as a user to know that you have played a part in protecting the environment.

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