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Galana Oil Position Statement

by Femme Staff
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Our attention has been drawn to a newspaper article that ran on Business Daily on 25.08.2021, page 16 under the Money and Market segment with title UAE-based firm targets region after acquiring Kenya’s Galana Oil.
We wish to state that our company Galana Oil Kenya Limited and our retail network trading under the brand name Delta HAVE NOT been acquired by the UAE based Montfort Group or by any other company for that matter.

Galana Oil Kenya Limited remains an indigenous and fully owned Kenyan company.
We however understand that Montford Group has acquired Kencor Petroleum Limited (a subsidiary of UAE based Galana Petroleum Investment Limited), which is a distinct Oil Marketing Company in the Kenyan Petroleum Industry and to whom Galana Oil Kenya Limited is not in any way related. 

We therefore request that the article be corrected to reflect the correct facts and an apology printed as well.

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