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What I love About The Nokia C30

by Femme Staff
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As we work towards doin a full review of the Nokia C30 which we have had for about 10 days now, there are a few features that already stand out.


The phone comes at an affordable price of Ksh.14,490/-. For people on a budget who still want a decent and durable smartphone with good security, good battery and big screen, this is a phone to consider. You will have to do with a few features that are not up there but that is a compromise worth taking at this price range.


Nokia C30 comes with a massive 6000mAh battery. An assurance of battery life is one of the most important features in a phone because after all, what’s the point of having superior features if every once in a while the battery will die on the user? With this phone, Nokia assures customers that they are looking at a minimum of 3 days between charges. This is excellent even for users for whom electricity is not close by and they are therefore not able to charge phones every day like we town dwellers do.


Someone joked that this phone is built like a battle tank and honestly one does get that feeling. Once you remove the back cover, you are confronted by well fitted screws that hold things in place, and by just looking at it you can tell that this is a solid gadget.

It is not a fingerprint magnet

Visible fingerprints at the back of a phone can spoil the whole good look of a phone. Fingerprints are tacky and for those of us who always have some sort of oil or lotions on our hands, this can get worse. You either have to keep on wiping the phone after every 3 minutes or learn to live with it looking all smudged up.

With the Nokia C30, this is not a worry. The back cover is made of high quality plastic with subtle grids that give it good grip, and also makes it smudge proof.

Large screen

At 6.82”, the Nokia C30 is noticeably larger than any phone I’ve used of late. Though screen resolution is not that high, it is still decent and so the phone is good for things like reading and watching a movie or series. Due to storage capabilities though, gaming may be a bit of a challenge especially for heavy games.

Android 11 Go

Nokia C30 runs on Android 11 Go edition. With pure Android software, there is the assurance of a smooth running phone with no bloatware, and top notch security. In these days when we are increasingly living our lives in our phones, security of data is a crucial feature of any phone.

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