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A Word With Gopher Ogembo On The HMD And Sol Generation Partnership

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Partnerships have always been a powerful way for like minded people and organizations to come together and push common agendas for good. We recently had a few words with Gopher Ogembo, Senior Business Manager – East Africa – HMD Global, about HMD’s recent partnership with Sol Generation and this is what he had to say.

Q: What does the brand want to achieve through the partnership with the Sol Generation?

A: The collaboration with Sol Generation celebrates artists and how they are using their creativity to share happiness, love, and hope through music. This collaboration with Sol Generation follows on from the 48 hours of change initiative that launched at the end of 2020. HMD Global worked with different personalities across the globe to explore the power of change in just 48 hours – and encouraging more positive use of mobile technology.

Q: Which phone will drive the theme in this partnership? (with Sol Generation)

A: The Nokia X-10-a smartphone that comes with the signature quad-camera that enables you to shoot like a pro. It comes packed with a powerful 48MP Quad camera and with ZEISS Optics combined with a full suite of editing and grading tools, empowering you to create standard-raising photos and videos. This smartphone has two-day battery life meaning you have more hours to stay productive and connected.

Gopher Ogembo – Senior Business Manager – East Africa – HMD Global

Q: What does the partnership entail?

The partnership entails the Nokia X10 being featured in the latest Kitenge video song. The artist takes the audience down memory lane while narrating his love story.  The phone, which exemplifies a medium for photo and video storage and also as a device to capture moments that one cherishes. The video stays true to the Nokia slogan Trust it, Love it and Keep it in the way it showcases the past memories that needs to be stored in a safe place

Q: Does HMD plan to partner with any other upcoming artists?

While this was the first partnership of this kind, we are a versatile brand and  are open to partner with others with similar values.

Q: Apart from supporting talents in Music, does the brand has any plans for other sectors?

HMD Global is open to local collaboration with aligned and likeminded sectors, not only entertainment, with similar values and agenda. Globally, we recently partnered with Roberto Carlos on one of our latest releases -Nokia XR20.  Carlos recreated his famous banana shot from the 1997 Brazil vs France match to test the device’s durability – three Nokia XR20s were positioned on a goal post for the football sensation to hit in a free kick shootout. This goes to say that we are a versatile brand willing to explore exciting out-of-box partnerships.

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