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Gaming In Kenya Wins A Boost From LG Fifa Fan Fest Contest

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Gaming has taken on a whole new dimension in Kenya with the growing legion of enthusiasts coming out to showcase their competitive skills in the virtual contests.

Take for instance the recent Fifa Fan Fest League by Pro Series Gaming and supported by LG Electronics East Africa. Season 1 of the contest kicked off in June and attracted sixteen reaching the Champions eCup on September 17. Season 2 starts in October and ends in December.

The global video gaming industry has recorded explosive growth with an estimated value of $153.9 billion (Ksh 15 trillion) as of 2020. With the outbreak of Covid-19, video gaming has become a popular form of home entertainment with an increase in the number of professional gamers. 

This has also spiked demand for digital technologies like augmented and virtual reality and devices like HD TVs that offer users a superior gaming experience. Smartphone gaming is also on an upward trend.

Maureen Kemunto from LG Electronics East Africa says e-sport including video gaming is gaining popularity locally.

“Many young Kenyans are taking up gaming as a sport and as a potential career. LG supports competitive video gaming through innovative technologies like augmented and virtual reality that deliver an immersive experience for users,” said Ms. Kemunto.

LG offers superior HDR gaming experience with the OLED TV built to deliver great picture quality via a stunning display. More people are opting for LG OLED TV be they competitive gamers or just play for leisure. For example, the self-lit pixels that come with the OLED TVs enable rich contrasts that make the gaming experience worthwhile.

The latest features of these TVs include high-resolution moving images. Throw in the ThinQ app which gives you the ultimate control as you indulge in your favorite action backed by an enhanced virtual reality experience.

The growth of gaming as a form of socializing is bound to drive demand for these innovative types of technologies even higher. The more immersive the experience, the more attractive it is to players who are keen on honing their skills. LG’s UltraGear gaming monitor is perfect for experiencing real-life-like action from the comfort of their home.

The 144 Hz refresh rates and 1 millisecond response rate of the LG UltraGear gaming monitor unlock an unsurpassed metaverse experience. The LG HD TV also comes with the right settings to make your gaming experience truly memorable.

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