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Infinix Zero X Series Is Here With Moon Photography Capabilities

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Infinix is on a roll! Today the phone manufacturer is here again with a new launch, and what I think is their best phone yet – the Infinix Zero X which I’ll review comprehensively once I’ve used it. The phone comes with a superior camera and visual capabilities that allow users to create photos and videos that stand out.

The Zero X comes in three variants to cover different customer needs. Infinix Zero Pro, Infinix Zero X, and Infinix Zero X Neo. All these variants have a Dual-Chip flagship gaming processor, Infinix Galileo Algorithm Engine, 60X periscope moonshot camera and custom software to allow for high resolution shots of the moon.

Shoot the Moon

The ZERO X Series offers users a high-performing full focal length camera technology through a complete end-to-end imaging system that enhances any visual content. The Zero X Pro has a 108MP camera with an 8MP periscope moonshot lens with 60X hybrid zoom. These camera stats sound unbelievable but that is what it is and this is a really good direction for mobile phones.

 In another plus for photography, the ZERO X Pro features a 64MP super-night camera lens. As mentioned earlier, it also has a super moon mode which combines a 60X periscope moonshot camera and a Galileo algorithm engine which enables clear shots of the moon. We all know that the moon is rather shy of photography. Infinix is putting the power to get detailed photos of this elusive subject in the palm of our hands. It captures detailed textures and uses Artificial Intelligence to improve detail and effects of the subject. When these features are turned on, users can achieve one of the clearest and detailed smartphone images of the night sky.

For the selfie camera, the ZERO X Pro offers a 16MP dual front flash and enhanced AI shooting technology to capture the perfect selfies. In addition, all ZERO X Pro smartphones offer high-quality videos with 960 FPS super slow-motion and 4K time-lapse. 

Much More Power with Dual-Chip Technology

To power the smartphones with efficient in-game accelerations and data processing, the ZERO X Series features a Dual-Chip flagship gaming processor, which combines the MediaTek Helio G95 chipset with the MediaTek Intelligent Display chipset. Also, towards gaming and a general user experience, the phone has a 6.67” screen so that there is good surface area to maneuver.  It also has low blue light eye comfort certification so users can enjoy hours of use with less eye fatigue no matter the time of day. 

I will be discussing many more features once I get the handset and use it but so far it sounds like a really solid gadget. Other features that users will enjoy for example are a 4500mAh battery with 45W fast charge.

Other key features of the Infinix ZERO X Series include:

Where can the phone be found and for how much?

ZERO X Pro, is available in Infinix outlets countrywide and online on Xpark. The ZERO X Pro will be available in two colors in Kenya: Nebula Black and Starry Silver, at a retail price of Ksh 36,999. 

Infinix also released the XE25 and XE20 earbuds with high quality sound, and will auto pair to mobile. They have environmental noise cancellation and have over 100 hours playback time on full charge.

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