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The Infinix Zero X Pro – My Experience And Thoughts

by Femme Staff
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You may remember our post on the launch of the moon shooter Infinix Zero X in September. I have been using the phone for some time now and are quite impressed with it. It is a pleasant gadget to use and I’ve penned my thoughts below.

First off, make sure the box is sealed when you purchase any gadget.  This ensures your safety as a buyer and protects the overall transaction from back and forth in case of anything. That is of course unless you are buying from someone you know.

In the box you should expect to find the Infinix Zero X Pro phone, 3 service card stickers, a matte black protective silicone back cover, a 45W charging adaptor, a type-C USB cable and a pair of earplugs with a cute silver detail towards the ends. I also has a SIM ejector PIN in a little pouch that I almost missed. The packaging itself is an imposing black that I honestly felt brings presence and a sense of the powerful phone inside.


My review unit came in a beautiful, highly reflective stary black made of glass front and back. Quite the apt finish for a gadget with space photography as a main characteristic. In terms of feature placement, it is pretty much what we are used to. Mic, charging port, microphone and speaker at the bottom of the phone, power and volume rockers on the right, and SIM + memory card tray on the left of the phone. Fingerprint reader is in-screen, which I like because it leaves the back and sides of the phone uncluttered. At the back or example, there is only the camera notch and the Infinix branding. I really love this minimalistic look.

At first, I felt like the back camera notch was protruding a bit much but to my pleasant surprise, it only took me a few days to adjust to it. It does angle the phone slightly when on a flat surface, but it is barely noticeable. In any case, for a camera with the capabilities that the Infinix Zero X pro has, that is understandable and even welcome.


What do I mean the camera capabilities?

For one, the primary camera is a whopping 108MP with support from an 8MP ultra-wide lense.  This is a camera that is taking phone photography to the next level, and it does not end at regular photos. It is also equipped with an 8MP Periscope lense with 5X optical zoom and 60X optical zoom, plus a Galileo algorithm engine which enables clear shots of the moon.. This is a well thought out combination of photography features which gives users power to go as far as moon photography. We know that the moon is a shy subject, but this phone has made deliberate efforts to put high resolution moon photography in the palms of our hands.  It captures detailed textures and uses Artificial Intelligence to improve detail and effects of the subject. When these features are turned on, users can achieve one of the clearest and detailed smartphone images of the night sky.

I took some photos of the moon with the phone and they are so legit. The biggest one is at 58X Zook.

The selfie camera is 16MP, which is not too shabby since it comes supported by dual flash.


Say goodbye to hanging and freezing phones if you haven’t already. With an internal memory of 128ROM and 8GB RAM, this is a phone that will store thousands of memories in photos and video. You do not have to delete precious memories and funny videos to create room for others.  For gamers, this is just the companion because it can handle the huge memory needs and will do the speeds without annoying glitches.

Even for regular users, this is a phone you can comfortably multitask with without having apps tripping over each other and freezing.


This is a powerful phone with superior features and for that, it needs a battery and charging system to match it. Otherwise, what would be the point of having powerful features that people cannot comfortably use? This phone has a 4500mAh non removable battery and more importantly, a 45W charging system. What this will give you is the assurance that even if you ever completely run out of charge, you need very little time to get some operational juice back. We are looking at around 40% in 15 minutes and with that guideline, you can gauge your phone use and charging frequency of charging.

For me, I’m on my phone and on the internet pretty much all the time, which means I’m a heavy user. Still a full charge will still take me a whole day and if I need to charge before evening, it is only for few minutes before leaving the office.

My conclusion

For the price of Ksh.36,999/- I feel that this is a worthy phone. It is quite a solid build and noticeably good quality – a purchase to be proud of. Go for it.

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