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Get Nokia Discounts This Black Friday Month

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November is here and that means one thing for shoppers. Black Friday deals upon deals as companies bring their best discounts to their customers. This is the time to take advantage of these deals to purchase heavy ticket items since it is with these items where you are likely to make more savings. Plus ticking off a pricier item from your wish list is quite a feel-good achievement.

Among the best and most functional items to purchase are smartphones. There is always need for a gift, an upgrade, or replacement of a phone here and there.  If you have some funds that you do not immediately need, there is no harm in taking advantage of the discounts duration and buying a phone to have on standby in your home. Unfortunate things happen and you or a loved one could have their phones lost, stolen, or damaged. Such events almost always find one unprepared and yet a smartphone is not something we can live without these days.

I’ve been having a look at Nokia deals and my outlet of choice is Jumia, simply because it has always been my go-to e-Commerce site. There are also options like SkyGarden and Kilimall though where one can search through for discounted items. Nokia is a go-to phone brand because of the wide range of phones they have, plus endearing features like long battery life and periodic security updates that keep your phone safe. Nokia phones are also sturdy and long lasting.

A quick google search like ‘Jumia Black Friday Nokia’ will get you to the site where you will find thousands of entries for Nokia phones, all the way from feature phones to smartphones. The phones that fall under Black Friday will have a banner indicating as much and these are the ones you want to concentrate on. I’ve seen some with upto 43% discounts.

Shopping can be daunting for some, more so for items like smartphones which have an element of technology in them. Set some time aside and look through without a hurry. If need be, take notes so you can compare prices and features before settling on a phone. After all, this is not a purchase one makes every day.

Have a budget in mind. This is actually the first order of business, so that you don’t spend whole days getting confused about phones that are out of reach, or phones that are way below your daily needs and circumstances. Having a figure in mind keeps the elimination process quick. Speaking of elimination, it is also advisable to have your preferred phone features in mind before embarking on the purchase journey, so that you don’t spend too much time ogling at phones that do not fit into your lifestyle. Are you into photography? Look out for good cameras. Are you a gamer? Loom for good ROM and RAM so you don’t have glitching issues while gaming.

As much as we are looking for Black Friday deals, there is no harm in looking at others. This could either be for future reference, or even for the present because a phone may have more of the features you like but is not discounted. Just keep your options open.

Always read the product details. This is where you’ll get the lowdown on the product, and the details are summarized nicely so as not to be confusing. For instance, say I’m on the lookout for a Nokia phone. I have gone through the initial stage of eliminating and settled on the Nokia 3.4 which has a 20% discount. Before committing, I would want to know what’s in the box, features like camera and battery capabilities and a bit of technical specifications. I work in the smartphone space so I do understand technical language, but I would advise those who don’t understand to seek help before making a decision. After all this is a big ticket item that needs a well informed decision.

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