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Navigating The Daunting World Of TV Shopping

by Femme Staff
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Shopping for a new TV? Electronic shopping has always been a challenge especially because a lot of people are not conversant with the technologies involved, and how to work with said technologies to get full value for their money. You may be aware from our previous article that LG electronics, arguably the best manufacturers of TV and other electronics is running a consumer education campaign both online and offline in some of their branches.  This campaign is very timely because as TV technologies improve, there are many technical terms for consumers to wrap their heads around and this can get daunting.

The aim of the campaign is to break down technology into language that consumers can understand easily, so that they make informed choices when making purchases. Alongside the education campaign by LG, we here would like to share a few pointers that will help along in making a choice.

Size of TV

To determine the size of TV to buy, work with the size of your room. For a TV, the bigger the better but there is the possibility of buying one so big for a small room that it looks like it has swallowed up the whole space. In a small room, watching TV means being close to it. If it is too big and you are too near, the experience may not be satisfactory and if the TV is not high resolution like 4K, then picture may even be pixelated up close.

On the flipside, do not buy a TV so small that it looks like it has been swallowed up by the room, and which you have to sit very close to. A health distance between you and your television is crucial for eye health and general viewing experience.

If however you have the space, a big TV will be a joy to have in the house, more so because modern TVs are coming with great technologies and high resolution to make picture quality the best. After all, TV is about picture quality.

Buy a TV of the future

Get yourself the latest technology that you can afford, so that it can carry you through years to come. Towards this and among many other considerations, try not to purchase anything beneath 4K Ultra HD. Why? Because high resolution TV is a joy to watch, and even streaming services are already producing content in 4K and will continue to do so especially with the popularity of corresponding televisions. 4K is already here with us and it is becoming a standard.


Your TV will come with great sound alright but for an even better experience to go with the great picture quality that modern TVs have, consider purchasing an external sound system. This could either be a sound bar or a home theatre. My go to for sound and pretty much all other electronics is LG and I’ve had a smooth ride so far. I would therefore not be afraid to recommend this brand for external sound to go along with TVs.

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