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The Infinix Note 11 Pro – A Solid Gadget At A Good Price

by Femme Staff
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In the last few months I’ve used a number of Infinix phones for review and one thing that I feel clearly is that the brand is moving rapidly up in terms of superiority of features. The last phone I interacted with was the Infinix Zero X Pro which comes with a unique next level camera with a periscope lense and 60X optical zoom among other features. The camera also features a Galileo algorithm engine which enables clear shots of the moon. I put down my thoughts on it here.

I’ve since moved to the Infininx Note 11 Pro which is an upgrade from the Note 10 Pro which we talked about here. I’ve been using the Note 11 Pro for a few weeks now and so far, I’m loving it! It is right in line with the manufacturer’s recent trend of having great upgrades launch after launch.

What’s in the box?

First of all make sure that the package has a manufacturer seal before purchasing. In the box for the Infinix Note 11 pro you will find the phone itself, a customized glass screen protector, a clear plastic protective cover for the back, a 33W charging block, a USB cable and earplugs. There is also a SIM ejector tool and a warranty information.


The phone is quite solid to the feel and slightly heavier than my past immediate phones but that is only a first impression. Nothing I couldn’t get used to within a day or two or use. My unit came in a unique and interesting Haze Green – a dark muted green that blends in beautifully with everything in my life.

The back which has an illusion of vertical lines that subtly switch around in different lighting is made of a high-quality plastic. One thing I really love about is the matte finish that not only gives the phone good grip but is also not a fingerprint magnet.

The phone has quite minimalistic design at the back, featuring only a barely there engraved branding and the camera casing. This gives it a beautiful, refined look without clutter. The camera casing struck me as a bit too raised at first but that is not something I can fault the phone for.

On the left side of the phone, you will only find the SIM and MicroSD tray, once again making it neat and minimalistic. On the right side is the power button which doubles up as a fingerprint reader and a singe button for volume up and down. Having the fingerprint on the side is a good move towards


This is one area where phone manufacturers are shining, and the Note 11 Pro is no exception. The main camera on this phone is a whopping 64MP AI triple Ultra Night camera with 30X telescope zoom. This kind of camera spells the end of grainy night photos and the zoom means that you can capture those skylines with the glitz of the night. The selfie camera is also an Ultra Night at 16MP, meaning that those nighttime selfies at the party or club will always be popping.


Every user is in for a good time with this phone and gamers are in for a particularly good time with a set of features.

With a 6.95” screen and a 1080X2460 resolution, this is a powerful combination that makes gaming a pleasant experience with enough real estate on the screen and crystal-clear graphics. Coupled with an impressive 8GM RAM which can be expanded to 11GB with the 3GB borrowed from ROM. How cool is that? Good RAM is a game changer for gamers because they more than anyone else need a fast phone with no glitches to ruin the game. The phone also comes with a high refresh rate, game booster software and a monster game kit.

All that and a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charge is all an avid gamer would want. Add to that 128GB of internal storage and we have a winner. These features are not for gamers alone though. They all contribute to the good running of the phone for light users, heavy users, streaming, video shooting and editing, heavy browsing… this gadget will take it all and will switch between apps effortlessly. This is the kind of experience I’ve had with the Infinix Note 11 Pro and I love it.

Other features

The phone has a MediaTek Helio 96 Ultra Gaming processor for more power and more speed and runs on Android 11 and XOS 10. It also has unique features which users will get to learn with time, like the AI Prediction algorithm which saves extended memory by predicting background apps that are not used often and deprioritizing them, and MemFusion which is a memory aggregation algorithm. 


This is certainly a phone to go for. Gone are the days people threw jibes at Infinix. The brand has hit back big in a good way and for 27,499/- for the Note 11 pro, this is good value for money. It is available on Jumia, on XPARK, and in Infinix stores countrywide.

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