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What Artificial Intelligence Means For Your TV Experience

by Femme Staff
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For the past few weeks, we have been looking at LG’s consumer education on purchase of televisions. The company is breaking down the technologies and terminologies that go hand in hand with electronics into a language that end users can understand. This is to ensure that consumers make informed choices without confusion before committing money on an item as big ticket as a TV.

So far, we have looked at how people’s lifestyles are changing and how consumer electronics manufacturers are adjusting to this, as well as how to navigate the daunting world of TV purchase. Other than hardware though, television sets are coming with a lot of technology and Artificial Intelligence and LG is among the best in this regard. AI can be termed in simple terms as deep learning algorithms that understand what you are watching and the space you are watching in and adjusts to the content and surroundings.

You may not know just how much AI improves your viewing experience when watching TV because it is so seamless, but a lot of features that make your experience better are AI powered. A few examples:

Picture balance

In some instances depending on what you are watching, picture quality and sharpness may get affected. Say you are watching something packed with detail, like a packed football stadium or a blockbuster movie. When reproduced for TV, a lot of detail may be lost in the process.

What Artificial Intelligence does in this case is to analyze the scene, automatically identify areas that sharper focus and need improvement, and adjust accordingly. This reduces image noise and makes the picture sharper.


Great picture should come with great sound. You have been to the movies and you know how sound completes the experience. So, you can imagine a scenario where the content creators did a great job with picture quality and framing, but sound is not cooperating.

Artificial Intelligence adjusts sound according to picture, giving vibrations where they should be, and surround sound where it fits most. This gives users a rich cinematic experience with whatever they are watching, and especially content that has been shot with superior effects.  

AI also improves sound tuning in that sound circumvents items in your room by sensing where your remote is and automatically and using that as a point from which to intelligently study room layout.

Lighting adjustment

A good television experience has a lot to do with light conditions and some TVs come pre-engineered for optimal conditions. But natural light changes and fluctuates depending on the time of day and this can affect your viewing since light hits different parts of your screen at different times. Ensuring that your TV is optimized for both dark nights and bright daylights is no easy task, and this is where AI comes in.

With AI, your TV will automatically adjust to the picture settings of your TV. LG televisions do this with ambience sensors that are equipped to recognize light changes and alter specific areas of the screen to give you a seamless experience without your noticing even. This feature is particularly good for eye health. If for example you are watching something shot on a sunny day with dark elements like shadows, these remain clear and well distinguished.

Since we said in a previous article that it is advisable to buy a TV that will last many years, it is important to choose one that has all these modern features so that you don’t feel short changed if your TV gets overtaken by features and technology in a few short years.

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