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YouTube End of Year Lists 2021: Kenya’s Most Watched Videos During the Year

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YouTube has today released the most watched videos by Kenyans in 2021. YouTube End of Year Lists reveals popular videos uploaded and watched on YouTube. The lists have this year been expanded to include breakout creators and top Shorts videos of the year.

‘TT Comedian meets SLAY QUEENS’ video was the most watched non-music video in Kenya followed by a satirical remix by Marshall Sum of the Sukari hit song- ‘Politicians Dance Challenge, Uhuru, Ng’ang’a, Atwoli, Ruto ‘ while Inka TV’s upload of a child singing a dirge during the burial of five children who died in an inferno came third.

In the music videos category, Tanzania’s songstress Zuchu’s ‘Sukari’ hit song was the most watched followed by ‘Baikoko’ by Mbosso featuring Diamond while Kenya’s Otile Brown’s song featuring Jovial – ‘Such Kinda Love’ came third. Others were ‘Liar’ by Willy Paul and Miss P, ‘Ndovu ni Kuu’ by Krispah and Khaligraph,  ‘Shamra Shamra’ by Joefes, Mejja, and Mbuzi Gang, ‘Nyumba Ndogo’ by Zuchu and ‘Yalah’ by Mbosso consecutively.

TT Comedian, Mungai Eve, Thee Pluto, and Terence Creative registered the highest growth rate in subscriber numbers during the year and emerged as top creators and breakout creators. Other creators in the top creators category include, Churchill Show, Tales of the Crazy Kennar, Tuko/Tuco – Kenya, Thee Pluto Show, Flaqo Raz, Terence Creative, Diana Bahati, and Jalango TV. Former Tuko Talks host, Lynn Ngugi, Afrimax English, TrendsGirl, Emmanuella, popular comedian Vinnie Baite, and Dance98 Academy all appeared in the list of the fastest growing YouTube Channels in Kenya in 2021.

In the YouTube Shorts videos category, Small Prince channel attracted the most views  followed by World of Africa TV while SwagBoyQ came in third position. Shorts is YouTube’s new short-form video experience that allows users to create short, catchy videos using their mobile phones. Other creators with most Shorts videos views were Twins of Russia, Candy Platter, Daniel Labelle, and Julius Dein consecutively.

Below are the full lists in the YouTube End of Year Lists 2021;

Most Watched Non-Music YouTube Videos

  1. TT Comedian meets Slay Queens
  2. “Sukari” politicians dance challenge, Uhuru, Nganga, Atwoli, Ruto & Marshall Sum
  3. Wimbo mtoto alioimba ukatoa watu machozi
  4. Maajabu ya mtoto genius wa hesabu
  5. Churchill Show the Story of Maria Wa Kitaa (Yasmin Said)
  6. Venye wanaume humove on haraka
  7. Lazima utoe machozi ukitazama filamu hii ya mapenzi
  8. Niliwekewa sumu ili nife nikiwa dodoma! Hawakutaka niendelee kuishi
  9. Kamba ladies are the best dancers in Kenya
  10. Mother’s Day

Most watched music videos

  1. Zuchu – Sukari (Official Music Video)
  2. Mbosso Ft Diamond Platnumz – Baikoko (Official Music Video)
  3. Otile Brown X Jovial – Such Kinda Love (Official Music Video)sms skiza 7301722 to 811
  4. Willy Paul x Miss P – Liar (Official video)
  5. Ndovu ni Kuu Official video – Krispah x Khaligraph Jones x Boutross
  6. Joefes, Mejja, Mbuzi Gang – Shamra Shamra (Official Video)
  7. Zuchu – Nyumba Ndogo (Official Music Video)
  8. Mbosso – Yalah (Official Music Video)
  9. Chiké & Simi – Running (To You) [Official Video]
  10. Rose Muhando – Wanyamazishe (Official Music Video)

Top Creators

  1. TT Comedian
  2. Mungai Eve
  3. Churchill Show
  4. Tales of the Crazy Kennar
  5. Tuko/Tuco – Kenya
  6. Thee Pluto Show
  7. Flaqo Raz
  8. Terence Creative
  9. Diana Bahati
  10. Jalango TV

Breakout/Fastest Rising Creators

  1. TT Comedian
  2. Mungai Eve
  3. Thee Pluto Show
  4. Terence Creative
  5. Lynn Ngugi
  6. Afrimax English
  7. TrendsGirl
  8. Emmanuella
  9. Vinnie Baite
  10. Dance98 Academy

Most viewed YouTube Shorts Videos

  2. World Of Africa TV
  3. SwagBoyQ
  4. TwinsFromRussia
  5. Candy Platter
  6. Daniel LaBelle
  7. Julius Dein
  8. Nolosha Farxadeeda
  9. Zhong
  10. Nas Daily

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