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Nokia Partnership With Spotify On Android Go

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The entertainment space has greatly been revolutionized by modern technology, top among them music and streaming services. From a time when people could only get content through cassettes and VHS, we can now get unlimited music and movies from Spotify among other music streaming services, and unlimited movies from Netflix and others.

Gadgets have not let us down in meeting modern entertainment demands. Phones and tablets are now equipped to offer the best in terms of sound, resolution, and storage among other requirements for good entertainment on handheld smartphones.

Among the exciting things happening in this front for instance is a partnership between HMD Nokia and Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming service. with this agreement, Nokia users will have access to over 70 Million tracks and 2.6 Million podcasts through Spotify Free.

In this partnership, Nokia has put into consideration that storage is invaluable in mobile phones and created Spotify Lite which will be operating on Android Go. Spotify Lite is a smaller more simplified version that does not hog RAM, and this allows phone storage to be assigned to other functions while users are still enjoying streaming music. With Spotify Lite, users can even set a data limit.

HMD wants to give Nokia users a smooth experience, so that they can have Spotify immediately they set up their device. Since it has a global fanbase and Nokia is a global brand, this partnership is sure to reach a lot of people. Furthermore, a new track is uploaded onto Spotify every second and so, Nokia owners will always be up to date with audio content. The platform is also well represented geographically, having recently launched in over 80 countries including Kenya. That takes its availability to 178. Among these, Spotify Lite is available in 77.

“Spotify is committed to bringing a smooth listening experience to users – no matter where they are and how they choose to listen. Pairing Spotify and Spotify Lite with Nokia Phones means that even more users around the world can be part of the Spotify experience.”Fergal Walker, Director Freemium Partnerships at Spotify

Spotify will be available from the outset on Nokia G-series and X-series devices running the latest from Android, starting with the Nokia XR20. Spotify Lite will be available on Nokia C-series handsets using the optimised Android (Go edition) operating system.

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