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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 – Near Perfect Companion For Work And Entertainment

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As unexpected as it may have sounded not too long ago, I think a foldable phone was coming. A phone that combines the advantage of a tablet for the big screen with that of a phone for portability. I think it was just a matter of who brings a good quality and durable one to the market sooner and Samsung did it with the launch of the at 7.6” Galaxy Fold 3. Fold phones have been there in the past, only that they have never really been refined into gadgets that can withstand being flipped open and shut hundreds of times without wearing out. Samsung has ironed out some kinks both in hardware and software that were a problem with foldables of the past.

I’ve been using the Galaxy Fold 3 for a few weeks now and my first and quickest conclusion is that a fold phone is a superb gadget that I didn’t even know I needed. I work in the digital field and for that reason, I have a gadget on my person 24/7. The quickest options I’ve had for this in the past are either a laptop or phone though I’ve used a full-on tablets here and there for test and review purposes. Then came the Fold 3 and I now find myself moving seamlessly between a phone and tablet, all the while with a level of portability that I did not have with traditional tabs which came as separate units.


The Fold 3 is understandably heavier than the average phone given that it is a two in one, but it’s still not heavy enough as to make it cumbersome. It is made of a mix of metals and glass and the back of it has a matte finish that is thankfully not a fingerprint magnet. The phone has a premium minimalistic look which I like, with the Samsung logo embossed on the side and some barely there manufacturer information at the back bottom. This gives the phone an uncluttered look which goes along with the classy stature of the phone.

At the back are the triple cameras which stand at 12MP main, 12MP telephoto, and 12MP ultrawide. On the right when the phone is open are the volume buttons and a power button which also doubles up as a fingerprint reader. The only thing on the left is the SIM tray. At the top and bottom of the phone are speakers and mics, and there is a charging port at the bottom. The phone does not have a 3.5mm jack. This does not bother me though because I don’t use those any more anyway.


The phone opens from a 6.2” into a 7.6 screen which I find easy to work with especially because the keyboard can be split into two halves for fast two hand typing. There is also the option to use the keyboard as one though. The phone opens and closes without a hitch and for continuity, there are settings to automatically transfer whatever one was doing on the open screen to the closed phone. If for instance you were watching a YouTube video on the open screen, it moves uninterrupted to the smaller screen when you close the phone. You do need to have selected the apps that you want to do this in settings.

When the phone is open, the 7.6” screen is all yours with barely there bezels and no visible pinhole. There is a 4MP under display front camera that is great for things like video calls and a selfie here and there, and that does not interfere with the overall screen at all. There is also a 10MP pinhole camera at the front when the phone is closed.

At 1768 x 2208 resolution, the screen is sharp, clear, and joy to use especially for us movies and series fans. Speaking of movies and series, the phone has good sound, with loudspeaker and stereo.


The size and high capabilities of a phone like this need a good battery system and for that, Samsung has a 4400mAh non removable battery, supported by 25W fast charge and 11W wireless charging. I work from home a lot so I always have the device charged but even when I’m outside, a single charge takes me through the day.


The phone has 256GB ROM and 12GB RAM. It has no external card slot but with the existing storage, I doubt anyone would need to expand. At least I wouldn’t. With this kind of memory, users are assured of a fast glitch free experience even when multitasking to the max. It will also operate memory hogging activities like gaming without any lags.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is a great lifestyle gadget to have. At around Ksh. 210,000/-, it does not come cheap but for the statement that it is and the performance it assures, it is worth it.

For that person driven by the need for uninterrupted productivity, and at the same time wants a stylish gadget, this is it. A device that will move seamlessly from office work to entertainment.

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