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Christmas Carols With Safaricom Choir And Safaricom Youth Orchestra

by Femme Staff
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What is Christmas, and indeed any celebration without some music? Christmas songs are some of the reasons why the mood of the festivities is forever etched in our minds. It is childhood memories of waking up to Christmas day carols playing through the house, and with chapati on our minds. These melodies are synonymous with family love and warmth.

For me for instance, one of my all-time best memories is the family tradition of sitting around my mum with my siblings and singing carols together on the even of Christmas. Though this routine has since fizzled out, we still always go upcountry for Christmas.

Some of these timeless songs, and which many people know by heart to date, are Hark The Herald, Holy Night and Jingle Bells to name a few. Tunes that get replayed year after year and never go out of style. Tunes that signal the arrival of the heartwarming festive season, and therefore good family bonding.

Companies have always celebrated Christmas with their customers and Safaricom is no exception. This festive month for instance, the company is running the Uteo Wa Furaha campaign and spreading cheer to customers in different regions of the country by giving them gifts and season offers. This is always a great way to show gratitude and recognition for customers, and to reconnect with them at a time of love and celebration. For customers, it is a time to save some money with the offers and discounts that are usually a part of these celebrations.

There is also lots of season music courtesy of the Safaricom Choir and Safaricom Youth Orchestra. Christmas melodies from ages back but which are still fresh in our minds.

Safaricom Youth Orchestra

SYO is a youth orchestra that has not only come so far since inception in 2014, but also taken a life of its own and played a key role as a transformative agent to the young boys and girls who have had the opportunity to be members. The orchestra brings together children between the ages of 10 and 17 drawn from different schools and backgrounds. It also brings in the finest Kenyan music tutors to guide the students in creating beautiful classical music. 45% of the students are usually picked from public schools, 30% from Ghetto Classics and 25% from private schools.

The Safaricom Choir

The clearest way to introduce the Safaricom Choir to anyone who does not know it is to reference the masterpiece that was the Niko Na Safaricom ad which hit the airwaves in 2010. A jingle that celebrated Kenya and Kenyans and have stayed in our hearts to date.

The choir which consists of Safaricom staff members came to be in 2009 and has been performing in different concerts and events like Safaricom AGM, Groove Awards and Classical Fusion concerts among others. It also teams up with the Youth Orchestra for different musical projects and this Christmas, the two have brought us the Christmas carols we love and remember so well.

I invite you to indulge in some of this music as the spirit of Christmas sinks in, some of which have a pleasant twist of being sung in Swahili.

Christmas is also a time for love and sharing and with Uteo Wa Furaha, Safaricom is on ground surprising customers with gifts like food hampers, airtime, and even live chicken and goats for the festivities. Lucky travelers are also getting their fairs paid. The activations teams are in areas like Nairobi, Coast, Rift Valley, Mt. Kenya, and Greater Western and Rift regions.

Do join the party if you spot the and get your Christmas spiced up by Safaricom. 

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