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Coming Soon – The OPPO Reno 7

by Femme Staff
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As the OPPO Reno series continues to grow and bring new innovations and devices to the market, the company is now set to launch the Reno 7 series later this week. The Reno 7 comes in after very successful predecessors, some of which we have used and reviewed.

The OPPO Reno 7 comes not only with the latest technologies, but also state-of-the-art features especially in the photography and videography. The brand aims to put the power of professional photography in the palms of users’ palms with innovative, easy to use features in the settings.

The phone also features the smart design that users have come to expect from the series, with a thin and lightweight body and other practical features to provide a new level of user-friendliness. With these design innovations and more, Reno7 is a portable device built for young users around the world to express their world on their own terms.

The OPPO Reno 7 brings out the latest styles and design technology to users through the introduction of the self-developed Fiberglass-Leather Design with a simple but effective spliced camera design.

Reno 7 includes two fresh colour; Sunset Orange and Cosmic Black. To create the colour and texture of the Sunset Orange Reno 7, OPPO makes use of its own Fiberglass-Leather design, bringing an entirely new tactile sensation to the Reno series in the process.

This texture is combined with a bright orange colour tone to make Sunset Orange a sophisticated choice in style. Lively, bright, and extravagant, and at the same time suitable for both men and women, the passionate Sunset Orange makes the phone instantly recognizable while creating a premium feel with its leather texture.

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