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The Need For Mobile Phone Security Cannot Be Emphasized Enough

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Do we ever stop to think about the weight that mobile phone companies have on their shoulders as far as safety of user data is concerned? There is no denying that data security has become quite a big deal as these companies hold a lot of confidential data for individuals, companies and even Governments. To add onto that, the pandemic brought with it the need for us to be on our phones more, either for virtual meetings, entertainment, banking and general communication. This means that we put more and more information out there.

We all want safe and secure phones. In these days of heightened need for safety and the bad guys getting more savvy, a gadget that comes with assured security for our information is a plus and this is something that Nokia phones are known for. When it comes to technologies that are otherwise out of our knowledge and control, assurance for peace of mind is priceless and a good place to start is with phones that put this in the forefront.

One avenue that can be used to infiltrate phones is pre-loaded applications since these can create flaws and gaps that can be taken advantage of for malicious intent. These are features that too many phones come with, and usually there is no option to uninstall unwanted apps. With Nokia phones, users get a pure, secure, and up-to-date Android software. This means no bloatware, and no incessant fear of their data getting into the wrong hands.

This is in line with the promise that Nokia has for its customers towards safety and security. Other than making long lasting sturdy phones with long standing batteries, safety is another pillar. Safe phones and regular software updates for different devices across price points.

Nokia smartphones lead in software and security updates against other major Android brands with 94% of the portfolio updated to the latest Android version within a year of release. Additionally, with up to two years of free OS upgrades, Nokia smartphones provide access to the latest innovations for longer.

In July 2020, HMD Global reaffirmed its commitment to mobile, enterprise and cyber security through the creation of the Centre of Excellence in Tampere, Finland. The research and development hub is exploring new ways of delivering technology such as remote device locking, enterprise mobility management, mobile device software security, secure network communication and black box testing.

Cyber criminals would want to get onto the data we hold in our phones and tablets and they’re getting more and more savvy. They’re exploring smarter ways to take advantage of the huge audience that the internet and technology in general affords them. Cyber-crime is therefore one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Everything has to be done to keep these criminals in check and as much as everyone involved is doing their part, device manufacturers and telecommunications companies take the bulk of the job.

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