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The Moi Airbase Leg Of The Safaricom Golf Tour

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This past weekend, Safaricom Golf Tour had the 12th leg to Moi Airforce Golf Club where not only golf was demystified, but the Airforce club as well. Contrary to what many may be tempted to believe, the Airforce Golf Club is actually open to nonmilitary players with its two-tier membership plans, one for military and one for ordinary members.

We got to have a word with the Captain of the Golf Club Mr. Jacob Chacha, Lady Captain Sophie Njuguna and Assistant Lady Captain Caroline Wanza and they each had quite some insights on the operations of Moi Airforce Golf Club and the Safaricom Golf Tour.

For Mr. Chacha, he is happy that Safaricom put the Airforce club in the tour line up and is particularly delighted about the inclusion of the junior tournaments and clinics. The club already has a juniors program mostly for military families though there are some from outside. He welcomes the idea of demystifying golf and having even more kids on board to come and make use of the well-funded facility. He is also happy about demystifying his club.

“There are more people now talking about Kenya Airforce Golf Club as a demystified facility” – Jacob Chacha – Captain – Moi Airforce Golf Club.

Sophie Njuguna is the Lady Captain at the club and has been in this position for three years. Like all of Kenya Golf Union, she is on a mission to promote lady golfing in the country for both young and older ladies, and children.

She sees some distinct advantages in golf for families because for instance when younger girls play with older ladies, there is that ‘raised by a village’ feel because they get to play with several women in the course. The women get to guide them not only through the game but on any issues that may be bothering them. Golf also keeps girls occupied during the holidays since there is practice, and there are also tournaments in different clubs. She also sees golf as a very good sport for retired people because it gives them a chance to get out, get some fun and exercise and mingle with people.

Safaricom Golf Tour is like a dream to Sophie because it plays right into her agenda to promote golf generally and especially for ladies and children. Kenya has very good sportsmanship in general and Sophie is thankful for sponsorships such as the tour. To Safaricom, she says thank you and let’s do more.

We also spoke to a visibly excited Caroline Wanza who is the Assistant Lady Captain at the Airforce club. She feels privileged because the partnership with Safaricom for the tour is a first at the club, and the turnout was more than she would have imagined. The junior tournament for instance was overbooked and this was a great step towards the future of the game in the country.

Caroline whose home club is Moi Airforce has been playing golf for the last one and half years and hers has been a good journey that will only get better with time. She feels that initiatives such as the Safaricom Golf Tour will improve the game and get more players in. She is glad to be a part of it.

Why golf?

Because it is therapeutic. It is one of the few sports that one can play on their own and enjoy some quiet time at the end of a long day. It is also a social game where all sorts of people meet and learn from each other and network. For ladies especially, they get to empower each other with knowledge and opportunities from their different activities and jobs outside of golf.

For youngsters, they get to learn skills like patience, focus, timeliness and self-discipline. Skills that they get to use even outside the golf course. They also get to network with their peers from different social classes and this is great for their world view.

As exclusive as it may sound, Moi Airforce Golf Club actually does quite a bit to promote women membership even from outside the military. The club partners with other clubs and supports other lady captains by attending their golf events and also inviting them over.

After the partnership with the golf tour which is a kickstart to a deliberate effort to grow golf especially among juniors, the club intends to take it up and run with it.

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