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Bolt Innovations Towards A Greener Earth

by Femme Staff
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Industrial and technological advancement has without a doubt accelerated the progress of humankind. This advancement has however inadvertently led to climate change, global warming, soil degradation, the destruction of plant and animal ecosystems, and a myriad of other challenges affecting our environment. Our advancement at the expense of the environment is creating a vicious cycle that results in unintended outcomes such as disease, malnutrition, loss of income, and even human conflict due to depleting natural resources like pasturelands and water.

According to research, the effects of these challenges are irreversible within the timespan of people alive today. 

To mitigate this, Governments, nonprofit organizations, individuals, and businesses are making a concerted effort towards a greener environment. The effects of these individual and collaborative efforts will over time continue to shift the needle towards positive environmental outcomes. Indeed, there are some early indications of progress in the right direction, including the deliberate elevation of environmental sustainability priorities in multiple companies and their value chains. 

Bolt, a leading mobility company that facilitates vehicle and boda boda rides and other services is one such company. Bolt has developed a solid environmental policy to manage the carbon footprint created by vehicles operating within its platform. This policy outlines a commitment to lower emissions, compliance with applicable regulatory frameworks, working with like-minded partners in matters of sustainability, and guiding principles to continuously improve the environment. You can read more on the policy here. 

Within its long-term environmental program known as the Green Plan, Bolt tracks environmental impact and progress towards reducing its carbon footprint and neutralizing emissions. Bolt also focuses on long-term efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. The company has also adopted modern and practical innovations including the use of electric mobility options (cars, Tuk Tuks, e- bikes), and the direct improvement  of the environment with partners such as Seedbolts.

Electric mobility options 

Bolt introduced the electric and hybrid car category into their platform in Kenya in March 2021. Electric and hybrid cars directly contribute towards less air pollution and the use of clean energy. By having this option on its platform, Bolt is enabling multiple users to shift towards more sustainable ways of moving around.  

Additionally, in March last year, Bolt officially joined the food delivery space with the launch of Bolt Food. Three months on, the company introduced electric bicycles and electric motorbikes for use in food delivery. Electric bicycles and e-Bikes are low maintenance in terms of cost i.e fuel cost for couriers and they are more environmentally friendly as they cause less air pollution, and less congestion. These electric mobility options provide environment conscious customers with the assurance that they are leaving a smaller footprint while moving around or obtaining their meals. 

Partnerships for goals – SeedBolts

In a recent article here, the importance of indigenous trees and grasses to the Kenyan environment and how millions of these are being planted in partnership with SeedBolts as a direct conservation effort was highlighted. With an ambitious goal to plant over 11 million indigenous trees and unique grass species in degraded areas across the country, Bolt aims to be at the forefront of the improvement of natural reforestation and the reduction of carbon emissions.  

Bolt is also involved in relevant global environment drives including World Clean Up day,  termed as one of the biggest civic movements of our time. Other sustainability initiatives in some of the markets where Bolt operates include the use of electric scooters, and there are plans to expand these initiatives to other markets over time.   

These initiatives outlined above demonstrate what companies can do towards a greener world in their capacities and line of work. Individually, we can also participate by changing our daily habits and incorporating good practices such as sustainable shopping, conserving water, saying no to plastic and driving green. We can also just hop onto a Bolt taxi the next time we are going somewhere. 

You don’t have to do anything differently, simply use Bolt and get a little peace of mind that we’re doing what we can to minimise the impact on our planet“.Bolt. 

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