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Tuinuane – Safaricom Transforming Lives Through Ndoto Zetu

by Femme Staff
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For the past few weeks, we have been taking an on-ground look at Safaricom’s brand proposition ‘Tuinuane’ which calls on Kenyans to be kind to one another and lift each other through tough times. Have a look at the collection of stories here.

As the company makes this appeal to Kenyans, it is also transforming lives across the country with projects that lift people through their day to day lives. For this article, we will take a look at three heartwarming stories that demonstrate the spirit of Tuinuane, and that are made possible by one of Safaricom’s most impactful community empowerment program – Ndoto Zetu.

Makadara Primary School in Nairobi has operated without reliable water for a long time, having to buy from people who sell from handcarts. Schools generally need a lot of water and this was too expensive and above all, not sustainable. The school has children with disabilities but that was not working well either because of lack of specialized amenities and equipment needed for successful learning for these kids.

Through the intervention of Safaricom Foundation, the school now has water full time, an audio-visual room, and rehabilitated pathways and ramps for ease of movement. This has lifted the daily lives of students, parents, and teachers alike.

From the eyes of Silvia Maina, a mum with a child living with a disability, things had always been tough earlier since the only other center she could take child to is far from away. Having a safe and well-equipped environment near her home has made her life easier since she can now confidently leave her child there, go make a living, and pick him in the evening.

In the past, Mbita Primary School in Kwale was undergoing severe struggles with water since the area only receives rain once in two to three years. Students had to carry water to the school and the situation was so dire that they fetched muddy water in water pans where elephants also come to drink. Sanitation was so bad that other than interruption of studies, kids also faced a clear risk of waterborne diseases.

Safaricom Foundation has since rehabilitated a borehole in the school and installed a solar water pump, so that water problems are now a thing of the past.  This project is not confined to the school, but also benefits the community around it who also use it for farming and therefore feeding their families. When there is surplus produce they take it to the market for sale. 

“This will go a long way in enabling students have a conducive learning environment” Samson Onderi, Area Sales Manager – Safaricom Plc.

In Bububu Boys High School in Mtogwe Likoni, lack of water had affected education so much that parents were pulling their children out of the school. For instance, studies were almost at a standstill for students studying Agriculture. The school has suffered lack of water since inception in 2012, with quite a negative impact on sanitation and productivity since students would often take time off learning to go and look for water in the surrounding areas.

Safaricom Foundation has since constructed elevated water platforms and donated connection equipment so that now there is water throughout. School management is grateful for this big milestone because they can now proudly advertise the school with the assurance that students will stay and study. They are even empowered to grow food for school consumption.

These stories clearly demonstrate that successful education is not just about classrooms, but the holistic environment that make studying more wholesome. Education is one of Safaricom’s key pillars for transformation of lives, the others being health and economic empowerment, and availability is key to good learning.

These are just examples of beneficiary projects and with thousands more around the country, Safaricom is lifting the lives of Kenyans every day. If we all do the little we can for fellow Kenyans, we will unlock the potential within us to support each other during both the good and tough times and go beyond to transform lives.

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