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The Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 – Beautiful Device That Packs A Lot Of Power

by Femme Staff
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Just a few months after using the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, I’ve had the opportunity to go ahead and use the Flip 4 which the company launched in September this year. A lot of the sentiments I have for the Flip 4 mirror those of the Flip 3 – unique devices that have my heart for their sheer looks, size and elegance.

The Samsung Flip 4 does not end at looks obviously. Its just that the punchy first impression and walking around with a really classy device are a major part of feel good for me. Otherwise, it is a powerful device that packs quite a lot up its sleeve in terms of unique features and performance.


Just like its predecessor, the Flip 4 folds into a compact 84.9mm by 71.9mm that fits perfectly into the purse, pocket, and palm of the hand. When unfolded, we are looking at a full phone with dimensions of 165.2mm by 71.9mm, quite the size to work with for communication, gaming and even catching up an episode or two of your favourite series.

The design is very clean and clutter free, with only a SIM card slot on the left, and volume rockers and fingerprint reader on the right. These two are also the power buttons when held down together for a few seconds.

When the phone is folded, there’s a mini screen at the front which is an active component for notifications like time, battery level, phone calls and music control. You can pick phone calls from here, and control music volume with the rockers which are on the side of the phone. Options for what should appear on the mini screen can be adjusted in the settings. When the phone is on idle, you can also have a clock display which comes in different styles and formats in the settings.

It is this mini screen that gives the phone a very distinct look since it’s a stark black against the overall light blue colour which my unit came in. It is also here that the cameras rest, so that when the phone is open they assume their normal position at the top.

There is a noticeable bump at the point where the phone folds but for me this is nothing to dull my experience with the phone. Usability is still intact, and Samsung will probably work on reducing it in upcoming devices. This does not really bother me though.

In terms of design, the Galaxy Flip 4 is a masterpiece that stands out from the crowd.


The back camera on this phone is 12MP dual, and the selfie camera is 10MP. With a screen resolution of 1080×2640, the photos are stunning in crystal clear colour and quality. The best way to showcase the camera is to post some photos I’ve been taking up and about.

Selfie camera


One of my concerns with the Flip 3 was the 3300mAh battery which I was struggling to push a full day with as a heavy user. With the Flip 4 however, Samsung has addressed those concerns and increased battery capacity to 3700mAh. I’ve had a much better experience with this, especially since it is coupled with the 25W charging which gives around 50% charge in half an hour. I still need to carry a power bank with me, but I’ve found myself using it way less now, only needing to use it if I’m out for a full day and part of the night.


This Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 comes with noticeably good sound thanks to the Dolby Atmos stereo speakers. For short videos I use the sound as is and I love it, though a lot of times and especially for more immersive uses like watching documentaries, phone and video calls and music, I connect external headphones or earplugs via Bluetooth. It does not have a 3.5mm jack and I’m quite comfortable with that since I really don’t use wired sound any more.


Samsung has a Qualcomm SM8470 Snapdragon processor on this phone – quite a powerful processor to go with the phone’s superior features. It has an internal storage of 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. All these features combined with Android 12 which the phone comes in gives the user a smooth experience without freezing or hanging apps, or a glitching gaming experience. We are also able to have all our favourite photos and videos without worrying about memory filling up and slowing down the phone.


This is a statement phone that I would give a near perfect score for looks, portability, and performance. At a price of Ksh.140,000/- give or take, it is certainly not cheap but once its in the hands it is well worth it. It is quite the lifestyle companion and when I call it a feel-good device, I mean exactly that from experience. I’ve often found myself describing the phone as addictive and it indeed is.

Capture that sunrise or sunset smoothly. The Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 is just right for taking videos and time lapses without a tripod. It will just stand on its own and I love this for us users.

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