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Elegant Throws For Style, Attitude And Warmth

by Femme Staff
Elegant Throws For Style, Attitude And Warmth

Nakumatt ThrowsWhat’s not to love about a throw? These simple yet elegant additions to home décor are warm and snugly and will add tones of character to any room in the home. They’re stylish and a very easy way to add colour, texture and pattern to the decor. Keeping warm throws around the house is not just a décor element but rather also for functionality in chilly weather for warmth, security and comfort.

Throws can be used in any part of the room where there is a appropriate furniture to accommodate them. The secret is to be sensible about it and to not try too hard as doing so will send you folding your throws in neat crisp style and having them on every little stool or plastic chair within reach. This could end up mish mashing your décor and diluting the very purpose of the throw, which is to add warmth, elegant casualness and a comforting lived in feel to the house.

It never hurts to have several assorted throws to move around depending on the mood of the day. Throws can be used to add cheer with pops of bright colour, to tone a room down with rich neutrals, or to give any room loads of class and attitude with unique textures. Throws can also be used to add sharp contrast as well as act as a focal point to a room. So long as it does not look so outrageously out of the way, adding different shades of high colour can return a surprisingly fun result.

Have a boring headboard? Throws to the rescue! Get a highly patterned one and drape it over the middle of the headboard or span it through the whole length for an instant inexpensive uplift. Throws are also a great way to protect your furniture from every day dust, scratches from pets, and dirt and grime from little hands if you have children in the house. On the same vein, if a piece of furniture has been scratched about already, stained in places or has simply seen better days, a good throw can be cleverly placed to hide these flaws and instantly update it.

There’s so much to be done with these highly versatile beauties. Match a throw to your cushions and other furnishings for an elegant touch. Casually drape a throw against the back of a sofa for a comforting lived in feel or on the armrest for a classy sophisticated look. Use a highly patterned crotchet throw to give your décor a personal touch. Pick an animal print pattern to bring a bit of jungle to your décor. And seriously, what’s more heavenly than getting home on a cold evening and cuddling up on the sofa with a warm soft throw and a book? If you do not have one of these in your life and would want to shop for them, Nakumat select is a good place to start. They have in their catalogue a wide variety of warm blankets and throws to fit any style. There is also a host of other products to use around the house.

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