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4 Things I Learned from the Song ‘Dear Future Husband’

by Femme Staff

Dear Future Husband’ became a smash hit not too long ago, and as I listened to the lyrics, it wasn’t hard to see why. I was immediately drawn to it. It gave me an understanding of how a woman should be treated, considering that; here are a few things that I grasped from listening to the song.

  1. She started off by singing “Dear future husband, here’s a few things you’ll need to know if you wanna be my one and only in my life”. The song was very colorful, even the music video was bright and cheerful. What I loved about this song was her outright approach. Miss Trainor puts it out there that love is all about compromise, and she will not cooperate for nothing.
  1. Her lyrics pin point the kind of treatment ladies would appreciate, from her first stanza to the last. “Take me on a date, I deserve it babe and don’t forget the flowers every anniversary”. Sometimes men take such things lightly especially after they feel as if they already have you. They simply get too comfortable. This song empowered my thoughts as I have always been the kind of tit for tat relationship. Meghan seems to agree with my sentiment as her lyrics reward every good thing her future husband would do.
  1. There are some things I honestly never thought about until I took note of this song. She constantly states that the man needs to keep working hard to have her in his life. The best part is when she admits she cannot cook but still expects him to treat her like a lady. A lot of pressure is placed on women to make their men happy, though not as much on men.
  1. Well what I learnt from this song is “if you will be my one and only all my life you have to treat me right”. What I thought was too much to ask from a guy was suddenly erased. So the following pointers are what future husbands should try to do according to this song;
  • Take us on dates
  • Do not forget the flowers every anniversary
  • Tell us we are beautiful and appreciate us.
  • Make time for us as much as possible

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