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Amazing Mobile Photography Coming Soon With Tecno Camon C9

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Selfies and mobile photography as a whole are about to be taken to a whole new level with the soon to be launched Tecno Camon C9. The phone which is expected to launch in mid June is coming with superior photography features, key among them being 13 megapixels on both the front and rear camera.

Being a lover of photography and not being able to carry a camera around all the time, this touches me a good one and I can’t wait for the phone to come around.  I’ve always maintained that I’m not big on selfies but I’m thinking maybe that is because I’ve not yet come across a camera that is so specific on selfies.

Here is what Camon C9 promises in terms of taking your selfie and general photography game to the next level.


The phone will have a front camera with flash. It will likely have soft natural light though the design of it may not be visible on the phone. This puts to an end the lengths people go to to have good lighting when taking selfies. We may all have tried for example to use a flashlight from another camera or to use the main camera to take selfies. We may have tried to time the perfect positioning of the sun before taking photos. With Camon C9’s lighting system, these struggles will be a thing of the past.

Wide angle for selfies

The Camon C9 front camera will have an 830 C wide angle. What’s more, users can expand this angle to 1200C panorama selfie mode. The days of selfies that leave out some people are coming to an end.

Beautiful photos

We all want to look good in photos but let’s face it. Sometimes a combination of angles and lighting does not always capture the best version of yourself. You do not have to retouch your make up even for an impromptu selfie with friends. The Camon C9 will come with a realtime makeup and beautification effect. It will come with an option of 8 make up styles.

Face the camera

The Camon C9 front facing camera will be smack on the middle of the phone. You know how you struggle to get the right selfie angle because your camera phone is on the left of the phone? And how you always look like you’re looking away? With this phone you will be able to look straight at the camera and click away a selfie.

Sharp focus

You’ll now be able to take photos of moving objects or people without blurring. The Camon C9 will have an integrated flash focus feature and a 0.1 second high speed focus camera. You can even take photos of sports action and still have them come out right.

Night photos

The C9 is coming to improve night photos a good one. It will have Visidon Algorithm noise reduction so that photos do not have those things that sometimes look like ghosts in the background :-D. Furthermore, Visidon Algorithm brightness will take 50% brighter photos than usual. Night photos are about to get a whole lot clearer!

Clear screen

A lot of phone cameras have so much going on on the screen that they hog the screen and its just cluttered. Icons, preferences and settings are just there interfering with the focus of the photo. Not so with the Camon C9 which will come with a choice to move all the camera features into settings or leave just 3 capture features on the screen. That is clean.

Clear images

You know how many phones come with a paltry 5mp front camera and a very good rear camera? Not so with the Camon C9 which will have 13mp both front and back. Users are promised clear photos which will not pixelate even when blown up.

Looking forward to this phone and I’ll certainly do a detailed review when it lands in my hands.

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