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A Sneek Peek at the New Aqua Blu Club and Lounge

by Femme Staff

Aqua Blu

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Last night we headed to the Blue Affair to get the first look at the newly renovated Aqua Blue Club and Lounge. The reason for the affair was to celebrate past and present partnerships and sponsors interested in doing events with or at Aqua Blue, and why not host an event there? It’s new and improved features make the club appear larger with relatively better ambience, you can tell the difference immediately you enter the club. The much relished red carpet is still there however, just to make you feel like a bit of a diva every time you strut in (or am I the only one who feels that way) .The bar area looks even more enticing, and probably the very first thing you notice as you enter the lounge since it involves an array of striking colors as opposed to its former blue theme.

For those who prefer sitting down and enjoying their drinks with friends, there is more sitting space and high rise chairs available both in more exposed and private areas, that is if you don’t revel in the music too much and get the urge to get up and dance.

The music by DJ Protégé was relaxed and low key, enough to have a proper conversation without struggling to hear. Mine was with an event organizer I had met at the affair; God knows I’m terrible with names. The invitation promised good food, service, and drinks and true to that guarantee, the event included all the above. The lovely waiters constantly kept ensuring that everyone including myself was quickly and adequately served. Hopefully, they’ll keep up the same spirit during and after the re-opening party.

While on that note, the grand re-opening party will be held today from 6pm. There will be a live performance by the Nigerian artist L.A.X, with the opening act by the Nigerian Artist Merit, who will be releasing his new music video at the event. DJ Hassan will also make an appearance, alongside the MC of the night being Amina Abdi. Enjoy your Friday night by heading over to the event with friends, for a fun packed, entertaining evening.

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