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New Yoghurt Flavours Courtesy of Delamere

by Shiko Msa
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Yesterday Delamere launched new variants of fruit yoghurt into the Kenyan market. Yes, we now have flavours such as pear caramel, premium vanilla and lemon biscuit. I fell in love with Lemon Biscuit variant on first taste and even after trying out the rest, I can tell that it will be my favourite for a long time. I even like the name. Lemon biscuit 😃.

I love yoghurt. I would gladly have some in my fridge every day of my life but unfortunately that is not always the case. But I do go all out on yoghurt stocking every once in a while and one of the names that speak loud in the yoghurt department for me is Delamere.  What I didn’t know until yesterday was that Delamere was the first yoghurt to be launched in Kenya in 1927.

Kenyans, myself included, are consuming more yoghurt. And why not. It is so versatile! How to consume yoghurt? Let me count the ways. A few of them at least.


When you’re traveling and you don’t want a heavy meal but still don’t want to be super hungry. Or even just at home, say when your child comes from school and you want to give them a bite to hold their stomachs before you prepare other foodstuffs.


When you’re whipping up healthy breakfast smoothies and you want them nice, thick and with added nutrients. Throw a few chunks of fruit and/or veggie into the blender, add some yoghurt and whizz away.

Midnight cravings

For the sinful midnight snacks. Yes the craving to eat something has struck and you can’t go eating sugar laden cakes in the dead of night because calories.


When you want a cocktail that is different from the norm – like this one I’ve seen where you mix Gin, Rum, coconut water and a dollop of yoghurt. All over crushed ice. This one is certainly happening this weekend.


When you do not like mushy runny cereal. Yes, I take my cereal with yoghurt and not milk. That way I maintain the crunch and still have some liquid to soften it.

Salad dressing

When you’re making salads and dips and want to step away from fat filled dressings. Yoghurt is certainly the way to go. For this I use normal flavoured yoghurts though I’ve heard many people say they prefer natural. I don’t mind that little sugar in the salad. For a super easy dip, mix natural yoghurt and fresh rosemary and voila!

Break time snack for kids

Yoghurt is way healthier and filling as a school break time snack for your child than chemical laden commercial juices and other junk foods. Give your child the 100ml  pack and fruit to carry to school and they’re good to go till lunch time.


When you want to add punch in pancakes – to thicken batter and fluff up the resulting pancakes. For baking too. I’ve never tried baking with yoghurt but I know people who have and the results are mzuri.


When you’re into DIY skincare regimens. Yes, several face mask recipes will call for natural yoghurt.

Good old health

We cannot forget that yoghurt is a dairy food that comes packed with good for you nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-2 and B-12.

How do you like your yoghurt?

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