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A Few Things I’m Celebrating About The Kenyan Elections

by Femme Staff

Despite all what is surrounding the elections, there are a few positives I’m celebrating even as we wait for the official outcome of the election petition that is headed to the Supreme Court.

Felling of incumbents

Some counties like Nyeri and Makueni sent their incumbents packing in droves. This is unlike in the past when voters felt bound to one politician and seemed to have had the fear of God instilled into them about voting them out. Some constituencies almost had one leader for life! I see the voting out of incumbents as political maturity. Voters are exercising their will much more clearly and now leaders know for a fact that non performance will have them see the door come next elections. Or even before then.

Election of young leaders

In the past, politics were about aspirants flashing money around and showing financial power to the electorate. Now we’re seeing something quite new – candidates fundraising to fund their campaigns and some getting elected after campaigning on a shoestring budget. I think this is a really good development because it gives a chance at office even to people who want to try but cannot afford. Who knows they might just be the best leaders we’ve had so far. You know those words old leaders liked to keep saying “you’re the leaders of tomorrow”? Well the tomorrow is upon us with Nandi giving us the youngest Governor and Igembe South electing a 23 year old Member of Parliament.

Election of women leaders

3 women have made history by being the first women Governors in the country. The words “Her Excellency the Governor” have a nice ring to it though that is not a guarantee of staying in office. T he electorate is on toes and will be ready to oust them come next elections if they do not perform. All the same for now we celebrate Charity Ngilu in Kitui, Anne Waiguru in Kirinyaga and Joyce Laboso in Bomet. We also have three senators – Susan Kihika in Nakuru, Dulo Adam in Isiolo and Margaret Kamar in Uasin Gishu. Congrats mamas.

A return to work

I know things went South in some areas after the elections. But Kenyans bounced back to work soon after elections, many of them ignoring a directive by Raila Odinga not to report to work. There is politics and there is work and politics do not have to define how we non politicians go about finding our daily bread. I hope everyone has gone back to their hustle by now. At least those that do thankfully have a hustle. For those that do not, I hope they’re back to searching and I sure wish them all the best. This is not to belittle those who are suffering as a result of after election events. We wish for a quick resolutions to pending problems so that everyone can be able to get back to as normal as they can.

Declining of expensive inauguration budgets

I still remember some years back when home coming parties were all over the countries with leaders seemingly competing with one another to see who hosts the biggest. That money wasting trend seems to be on its death bed with Governors rejecting multi million inauguration budgets and directing the moneys to more worthy courses. It started with the Nairobi Governor elect Sonko who rejected a Ksh25m set aside for his inauguration and directed the money to be used in offsetting county employees salaries. Charity Ngilu instructed that the Ksh6M set aside for her inauguration be used for water projects and Nyeri Governor rejected a 5M ceremony and directing that it be used to offset electricity bills for Karatina District Hospitals. Stephen Sang of Nandi has said no to 14M in a swearing in ceremony and purchase of new official vehicles. This kind of maturity was severely lacking in the past and I hope it’s a show of the kind of unselfishness leaders will treat money.

NASA’s decision to go through the courts

It is no secret that there are complaints from NASA about the tallying of the election results. After many days of speculation among supporters and non supporters, the leading lights of NASA have decided and announced that they’re taking their grievances to the Supreme Court whose decision will be final. Whatever the decision of the Supreme Court, I doubt there’ll be any reason for anyone to curtain economic activities – give the respect accorded to the highest court in the land.

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