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His Phone, Her Phone, The Subtleties

by Femme Staff
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When choosing or looking to buy a new mobile phone, there are key determining factors to consider.

These may vary by individual and with other aspects such as financial status, age and even gender coming into play. Indeed, preferences may cut across the gender divide, but it is safe to say that different phone features do appeal to the male and female audiences.

Brian Khavi, a college graduate living in Nairobi considers, a devices processor speed, storage capacity ad Camera proficiency as his top three priorities when buying a phone. Other secondary musings would include, whether it is the latest version and if it is a preferred brand.

“I like a device that comes with all the latest bells and whistles, especially the Operating software, that allows me to download and utilize optimized applications on my phone. For me a fun and simple user experience is very important”, Says Brian.

On the other hand, Monica Wathome, a college going millennial also living in Nairobi considers Camera proficiency, Internal memory and ample screen size key priorities on her device of choice. Other considerations for her would include processor speed and weight of the device.

“My phone has to be light and easy to handle on one hand. I know this may sound contradictory because I also like big screens on my phones, but I try to find the best balance between the two preferences every time I am shopping for a new device”, says Monica.

Whereas it may be easy to give in to stereotypes such as – men are not usually given to taking selfies compared to the ladies among many others, the above summation drives some basic similarities when it comes to making the purchase decision.

Processor speed, storage capacity and camera quality make for the three most important factors for the urban millennial who is looking to buy a new phone. To this list we can also security and privacy.

If you identify with these sentiments and are wondering how you can get a reliable mobile phone complete with a personalised user experience with the apps on your phone, may we suggest a look at the new range Nokia smartphones now running on Android Oreo.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is the first global partner to have several devices that are already part of the Android One programme by Google. This commitment now ensures that you get a high-quality software experience just like google intended. Nokia smartphones with Android One offer more storage and battery life out of the box, as well as the latest AI-powered innovations from Google to help you stay ahead of the game every day Included as part of the Android One family is the Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 and the newly launched Nokia 3.1

With a pure Android installation, Nokia smartphones come with no unnecessary user interface changes or hidden processes that would eat up battery life or slow down your device. With nine devices, Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 and the latest Nokia 3.1 already introduced in Kenya, you can literally enjoy using your new phone for longer.

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