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How to Choose the Best Room Heater for Your Needs.

by Femme Staff

A room heater is the most dependable way to warm up the areas of your house, apartment or condo you use the most, without wasting a lot of energy trying to heat the entire home. Considered to be one of the most practical household appliances, a room heater is perfect if you are looking for a supplementary source of heat or if you want to warm up an extra chilly space. Owing to technological advancements, modern room heaters will neither burn a hole in your pockets with their energy consumption nor occupy too much space. Instead, they are designed to complement the aesthetics of the room while making the space cozier for your guests.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, Ramtons room heaters can help you to offset utility costs during chilly winter months.

Types of heaters:

Oil room heaters: A heating element at the base heats the oil, which then flows around the cavities of the heater through convection. Oil-filled space heaters provide basic heating technology and features that make them ideal for single zone heating. They can offer you the soothing warmth you desire without cranking up your utility bills. Some of the advantages of oil heaters are less-noise, won’t dry the air, slow to cool, thermostat controlled and built-in safety features.

Fan heater: A fan heater, also called a blow heater, works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source (a heating element). The element heats the air, which then warms up the surrounding room. They can heat an enclosed space such as a room faster than a heater without a fan. Many heaters also offer a fan-only mode that lets you use the fan setting without the heater on. This means you can have the convenience of winter heating and summer cooling in one unit.

Bar heaters: For a quick blast of warmth or more directional heating, we recommend you use radiant bar heaters. They are particularly useful in smaller areas that need to be heated quickly – the most common place you’ll find these heaters is mounted on the wall in bathrooms. They provide fast, radiant heat when it’s needed in a hurry. 

Things to consider when buying a room heater:

Watts: The watt rating determines the heating capacity of a heater. The higher the watt rating for a space heater, the better will be its heating capacity.

Size of the room: Measure the size of the room/area to determine what power of room heater to purchase for effective heating.  

Energy efficiency: In addition to star ratings, look out for features such as adjustable thermostats, auto-off and energy-saving modes.

Safety features: Watch out for the top of the line features like safety overheat cut-off protection.

Portability: Portable heaters can be moved anywhere in the house. This also adds to the safety factor as it can be kept out of children’s reach.

Ramtons offer the best room heaters for sale in Kenya with variety and affordability. You may rely on Ramtons heaters for your primary heat source, or as an add-on for central heating in chillier rooms. Ramtons aim to make lives easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support. Their home appliances and kitchen accessories are all about combining functionality, convenience and modernity. Giving ideas for easy living, Ramtons believes in making your shopping journey easy from the point of purchase to the point of use. The trust that customers have on Ramtons is due to dependent performance, and home innovations have made them the fastest-growing brand in the Kenyan market. They believe in providing prompt after-sales services to keep customers happy long after they’ve made a purchase. 

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