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Tips On How To Make The Best Of Your Washing Machine

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A good washing machine is a major investment in any home. It is also one that saves so much time. Time that can be freed up to do other things either within the house or outside.

Make use of technology

In this day and age, technology is making things very easy to match with our fast-paced lives. We now have the power of Apps at our fingertips, Artificial Intelligence is moving faster than we can believe, and machine manufacturers are not shying away from incorporating these developments in their hardware.  

In a previous article, we looked at how LG AI DD washing machine is channeling Artificial Intelligence through LG’s ThinQ App to not only let you start and stop wash cycles remotely, but also get notifications when laundry is done hence saving energy. It also reminds you of scheduled maintenance so that your machine does not get to damage anything without your knowledge.

Don’t overload the washing machine

Stuffing too many clothes in a bid to save time may not be the best idea. The clothes might fit in there all right but habitually washing heavier loads than the machine is designed to handle will end up putting strain in the motor. In the end wear and tear affects your machine sooner than it should and could send you back to the shops for a new one sooner. You end up spending money you could have saved for other things if you had prolonged the lifetime of your washing machines and in a round about way, this ends up being a waste of time.

Not to mention that you might also end up damaging clothes, and not even getting them as clean as they should be while at it.

Be mindful also about the kind of clothes you stuff in your washing machine. Carpets and heavy mats for example may be better off washed with a commercial-grade machine.

Be vigilante about maintenance

It is tempting and actually easy to think that as long as the machine is not complaining, then it is ok. But that is not always the case. In any case, you want to capture any potential problems before they cause too much damage to the machine. Luckily, as mentioned above the modern day washing machines like the LG AI DD is artificial intelligence enabled and will let you know of possible problems before they even become problems.

It is also easy for one forget to clean the machine itself, therefore ending up with accumulated dirt which may end up clogging crucial parts that keep the machine working.

Do not ignore the settings

Take time and learn your washing machine thoroughly so that you may get the best of its settings. Learn the short cuts and any other features that could make you, your clothes, and your machine happy. The LG AI DD for instance has TurboWash 360 with 3D multiple Water Spray which is set to reduce your washing time significantly, with a cycle that can finish within 39 minutes.

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