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Convenience And Energy Saving With The LG Instaview Refrigerator

by Femme Staff
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As with every next home appliance, refrigerators have come a long way in terms of new features and new technologies. Remember back when we had those freezers where ice took up half the space? And which you had to switch off for hours every once in a while for the ice to thaw just so you could get your frozen food out?

Over the years, new technologies have come into our lives and made things easier and more convenient for us all. Take the LG Door in Door InstaView for example. A refrigerator that not only comes with superior features but with very good looks that bring sleekness into any kitchen.

Other than looks, here are some attractive features that the refrigerator comes with.

Easy to organize

A lot of fridges are just blank open spaces that are difficult to organize. So that they’re very big but they don’t store as much as a well organized fridge would. The Door in Door Instaview has some niche space saving features like the door in door, a wine rack, utility boxes, veggie box, fruit box, and an ice system among others.

Energy saving

We all need to make a saving here and there and the LG Instaview is built to help do just that. The Door In Door for example means that users have a place to place quick items without opening the whole fridge. A refrigerator is on through out so it consumes power through out. What’s more, opening it usually raises the temperatures and it takes more energy to drop them back to optimal cold for food freshness. Higher energy needs mean higher costs.


A refrigerator is a big ticket item which one does not keep purchasing and re-purchasing. For this reason, it helps to buy one that has assured durability especially for parts like the compressor. The compressor on the LG Instaview has a 10 year warranty and is proven to have a 20 year durability. Now that is something.

Over the next weeks, we’ll be looking deeper into more features of the fridge, especially around how it fits into, and helps improve our lifestyles.

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