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The Evolution Of The Television Thus Far

by Femme Staff
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TVs are probably the most central part of any household. Yes, there are other areas like the kitchen, fridge, and water dispenser but for these we are talking about short bouts of time while with the TV, the stay is more extended in terms of hours spent. For a gadget that we usually make such full use of, then it is imperative that you buy the most befitting for your house, in terms of size, resolution, warranty, and of course budget.

In the next few articles, we shall have a look at everything TV, with a spotlight to LG TVs which are arguably among the best out there in terms of quality, resolution, and innovative technologies.

Like all other electronics, TVs have come a long way from the time they weighed so much that you could not lift one. The ones that were so huge at the back that you needed a whole dedicated stand or table for them. How they are so thin and flat that you can even hoist one on your own. They have also moved from needing a whole space to needing just to be mounted on the wall because of how thin they are.

My earliest memories of a television are when my parents had a 14” black and white great wall. Luckily, I didn’t get to use too much of it before a newer better TV was bought, much clearer and thankfully coloured. But it was those heavy ones that I’ve mentioned earlier. Currently things have come round to a point where my TV barely occupies any space.

With the changes in physical appearance and with technology that is evolving very rapidly, it is not exactly straight forward to choose a TV when buying one. It can get quite confusing to walk into an outlet and get confronted by so many brands and so many features. That is why in the next few articles, we shall be explaining different terms in the TV world, what they mean, and how they can inform your being able to purchase a TV according to your needs. Terms like OLED, LED, 4K, 8K, Smart TVs, Digital TVs, and other features.

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