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The Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan Has Officially Been Flagged Off

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For many people, nothing beats the spirit of the festive season. A time to wind down, take a break from work, celebrate Christmas with those close to us, and usher in the new year. Some of our fondest memories as children are centered around this time and the love and warmth it brings to families.

For me and my siblings, Christmas has always been at my mum’s house year in year out. For the longest time the menu has been roughly the same year in year out with a few tweaks in the recent years. This was the time that chapatis were a guarantee, and so was soda which my parents would buy in crates to cover the whole festive season. I always got Fanta as the little one but the assortment in the crates always had more of Coca-Cola. Nothing much has changed in our family Christmas routines, except that some siblings have since moved to far off lands and are not able to be with us physically.  Also, I’ve since grown up and I can drink Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has a rich history with Christmas. As mentioned in an earlier article, one of my most memorable marketing campaigns is the iconic Christmas caravans. A fleet of Coca-Cola trucks with twinkling lightworks snaking through snowy landscapes and accompanied by the jingle, ‘Holidays are coming’. How enchanted they made me feel. I grew up watching those on TV and never for a moment imagined that I would one day be witness to a caravan flag off.  And yet just last week, I was on site when the Coca-Cola system in Kenya flagged off the caravans and officially unveiling this year’s Christmas campaign under the newly launched ‘Real Magic’ philosophy. This is the timelessness of a good idea. One that lives long enough for people to see it as kids and experience it as adults.

The Coca-Cola Christmas caravan which kicked off from KICC will travel to through various counties bearing gifts, discounts, and offers, and overall spreading Christmas cheer. The caravan will make stops at several retailers and town centres across the country giving products and other gifts in the spirit of gifting, sharing, and rewarding consumers. There will also fun and engaging activities because what is Christmas without some fun?

With the caravans, Coca-Cola is reminding people that this is the time for connection with families and friends. It is a time to celebrate the wins – big or small that we have achieved throughout the year. This has been a tough year and many families have not been able to meet and connect as often as normal, but we pulled through. This is the time to appreciate every moment we have together and share the little that we have with those around us.

Look out for these caravans in a mall or shopping center near you. And Merry Christmas!

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