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How LG Is Helping Consumers Save Money And Energy

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The world is evolving and everyone is moving digital. Everything is getting digitized and automated, beginning with home appliances. As this is happening, Climate change is increasingly becoming a bigger problem for both humans and the earth. 

To mitigate this more and more countries and companies are recognizing the benefits of manufacturing or developing energy savings products and services that in return, effectively reduce energy bills, drive product innovation, create jobs and even reduce CO2 emissions costs. 

LG electronics, for instance, has adopted the Smart Home Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology that optimizes Home Appliances to achieve excellent performance and energy usage, improves usability by operating various functions that heighten convenience and ease of use. 

According to the LGThinQ 2021 Smart Home Trend Report, 17.3% of LG products and services users chose energy saving as the leading smart home benefit. Other benefits selected include making things more enjoyable, more useful, time-saving, safe, proud and money-saving. 

“Many of us are guilty of forgetting to turn off the lights, air conditioning or heating before leaving the house – wasting resources and money. Thankfully, at LG Electronics we have been able to develop easy-to-use smart tools that can easily be controlled and monitored from anywhere with your smartphone” Said LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director, Sa Nyoung Kim, noting that these features can be monitored and controlled more efficiently through the ThinQ app from LG Electronics. 

For instance, the LG Bottom Freezer refrigerator introduced in 2021 comes featuring two times folding shelves and has a big capacity with thin insulation, therefore using less energy to keep the refrigerator and freezer cold. Also, the new AI-powered 2021 Vivace 950 (V950) reduces clothes damage by offering 18% more fabric protection while using 39% less energy hence saving consumers energy costs. According to XXX, 10% of energy saving is equivalent to free 50 times Laundry per year. 

In addition, using the LG ThinQ app, LG has enabled users to check if their TV has been left on, adjust settings on the air conditioner to avoid wasting power or download specialized cycles for the washer to minimize water usage. “Activating these features saves users thousands of shillings annually depending on their annual expenses,” said Kim. 

Besides the mobile app and interesting features on the home appliances and other LG products. LG has introduced policies and standards that demand the adoption and introduction of energy-efficient facilities and carbon emission reduction devices throughout its production process. 

Through its zero Negative environmental Impact by 2030 policy, LG is also moving to help consumers make a difference with products that deliver energy savings, reduce emissions and help save money and protect the environment without sacrificing performance or style.

Such policies have seen energy efficiency across the globe recover by 1.9% after improving by only 0.5% in 2020 based on findings of the 2021 Energy Efficiency Report. Long-running appliance efficiency policies have helped to halve the average energy consumption of many common appliances in use such as refrigerators, air conditioners, lighting, televisions, washing machines and cooking appliances. These huge gains have been achieved even as the price of these appliances has fallen by an average of 2% to 3% per year, suggesting that more stringent policy settings could curb CO2 emissions further while still benefiting consumers

Besides, the Level of ownership and use of such appliances are set to grow as the world gets wealthier, warmer, more urbanized and populous. For example, global energy demand for cooling could triple between 2020 and 2050 as air conditioning becomes more affordable to greater numbers of people in emerging economies. 

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