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SimpliFine Launches New Processing Line To Supply Locally Produced French Fries

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SimpliFine, a Kenyan integrated food producer offering locally sourced and manufactured food products across East Africa, today commissioned its Individual Quick Freezing (“IQF”) processing line.  By investing in IQF technology, SimpliFine is expanding its production of fresh French fries to offer frozen French fries, increasing the supply and extending the shelf life of locally produced potatoes. SimpliFine’s technology will expand the market for Kenyan potato farmers and reduce reliance on imported French fries. 

“SimpliFine launched its French fry business in March 2021 and has built strong relationships with our local supplier farmers and our customers.  We invested in new technology to produce a quality French fry that serves a broader market in Kenya and in the region,” said Steven Carlyon, President of SimpliFine. “We will be launching our frozen French fries later this month and look forward to launching additional frozen fruits and vegetable products in the future.”

The announcement follows three acquisitions in 2021 by SimpliFine’s parent company, BlackIvy:  Ennsvalley Bakery, Alpha Fine Foods and a French fry production company based in Naivasha.  SimpliFine offers a one-stop shop for customers seeking a range of vegetable, meat and bakery products.  The investment in IQF technology reaffirms SimpliFine’s commitment to providing locally sourced, quality fine foods across the region, creating jobs and strengthening the economy. SimpliFine will leverage its affiliate company, BigCold, to provide advanced temperature-controlled supply chain management and operational expertise to ensure safe, quality and affordable food that is locally sourced, manufactured, and delivered to customers. 

SimpliFine is committed to making good food using local ingredients. We are passionate about growing communities by delivering nutritious, quality foods at accessible prices,” added Steven Carlyon, President of SimpliFine.  “We are excited to bring technology to Kenya that expands markets for its agricultural products and improve farmers’ livelihoods.”

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