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KBL Unveils an Exciting Smirnoff Spectacle ‘We Do We’ Campaign

by Femme Staff

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has officially launched a new Smirnoff Campaign, dubbed ‘We Do We’ that highlights a compelling narrative that celebrates the essence of unity, the undeniable spark of ‘WE’ that comes alive when people come together as one.

Through a breathtaking tapestry of creative expression and vibrant energy, this campaign promises an unforgettable journey where every moment is alive with the joy of togetherness.

With a resolute commitment to empowering communities and celebrating the richness of diversity and togetherness, Smirnoff’s We Do We campaign is set to revolutionize how we perceive unity in Kenya. Weaving a colourful tapestry of shared experiences, this initiative is poised to inspire, and uplift, forging an unbreakable bond of celebration and togetherness

While commenting on the launch of the campaign, KBL’s Managing Director Mr Mark Ocitti said, “Our We Do We campaign is more than just a marketing marvel; it’s a resounding call for all to embrace the collective spirit that makes us stronger together. Brace yourselves, because We Do We is just the beginning of an exhilarating journey that will evolve over the months to come, captivating hearts through a whirlwind of electrifying events, cutting-edge partnerships, and empowering sponsorships including music, art and fashion. This is where the magic truly unfolds.”

“We Do We” is the living embodiment of collective dreams, brought to life through the passion and creativity of diverse individuals from all walks of life. The synergy behind this masterpiece is a testament to its congruence and the heartwarming commitment to instigate real, positive change in society far beyond the horizon of a fleeting moment. With a tireless dedication to adapt, strategize, and listen closely to the heartbeat of our consumers, Smirnoff Vodka is set to create ripples of inspiration that will last a lifetime,” added Mr Ocitti.

Mr Ocitti disclosed that the campaign is not a short-lived initiative but rather represents a long-term commitment by Smirnoff Vodka to drive positive change in society. The brand aims at sustaining the momentum of the campaign by continuously adapting strategies and seeking feedback from its consumers.”

Speaking at the launch event, Smirnoff Vodka Brand Manager Ms Brigid Wambua said, “We welcome you to the dazzling world of ‘Smirnoff We Do We Campaign, where we proudly hail the unstoppable force of togetherness. This groundbreaking initiative celebrates the enchanting fusion of consumers, ingredients, and flavours, igniting an explosion of shared experiences that promises to leave you mesmerized. We’re talking about a sensational platform shift for Smirnoff, a brand that passionately believes in the invincible power of unity, all wrapped in an invigorating and vibrant package.”

The We Do We campaign heartbeat is aimed at targeting none other than the vibrant, trendsetting Kenyan vibe shifters aged 25 to 34. These awe-inspiring consumers possess an unbridled love for Kenyan art, tirelessly championing the prowess of homegrown talent. Fueled by a burning desire for individuality, they sparkle like stars, spreading cheer wherever they go. But their magic truly comes alive when they gather people from all walks of life, uniting them in a harmonious symphony of diversity and creativity. Together, they understand the extraordinary power of ‘We.’

“The campaign, particularly the launch event, is all about crafting spaces where joy, authenticity, and togetherness converge in a beautiful dance of conversations. It’s an empowering platform where we tackle social issues surrounding equality and responsible drinking while inviting Smirnoff fans to share their extraordinary stories,” concluded Ms Mbugua.

The campaign launch weekend was nothing short of a cosmic celebration, with the brightest stars of Kenyan music such as Kaligraph Jones Trio Mio, and an enthralling lineup of top-notch artists, Deejays and entertainers including MC & DJ Nick The Trend, MC Gogo & DJ Roq, Grauchi, DJ Karowski, Kaneda, DJ Redbone, and DJ Tibbz.

The ambience was electric, the spirits soaring high and the night was forever etched in the hearts of everyone present. Stepping into the enchanting world of We Do We, where every moment is alive with possibility, and the collective spirit dances in joyous unison.

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