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Tsiaro Mampiarina Manuela Emerges Victorious in the Inaugural Female Swahili Esports Championships in Africa

by Femme Staff

Tsiaro Mampiarina Manuela, a proud representative of Madagascar, has etched her name in the annals of esports history by claiming the title at the first-ever Female Swahili Esports Championships in Africa. The groundbreaking event unfolded over the weekend at the Sarit Center Expo in Nairobi, graciously hosted by NAICCON.

From the 18th to the 19th of November, the competition brought together eight formidable players from diverse African nations, including Benin, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Kenya. TEKKEN was the chosen battleground, and the intensity of the battles underscored the burgeoning talent in the African esports scene.

Tsiaro Mampiarina Manuela secured the top spot, clinching a well-deserved cash prize of $1000. Queen Arrow followed closely with a noteworthy performance, earning a cash prize of $500. Not to be overshadowed, Feble and Black Angel showcased their prowess, walking away with $300 and $200, respectively.

The esports market in Africa is experiencing exponential growth, with Kenya alone generating a revenue of $46 Million in 2022. Desire Koussawo, President of France Esports and Founder of SAGES, expressed excitement the just concluded tournament and reiterated the commitment of the French embassy to support esports in Kenya.

CS Sports and Culture Hon.Ababu Namwamba emphasized the need for the country to explore the creative economy to create opportunities for young people. This burgeoning economy could become a critical contributor to Kenya’s GDP. The nation is headed in the right direction with partners like the French Institute and NAICCON.

NAICCON, a platform for African creatives in the digital arts, collaborated with the Swahili Esports Champions 2023 to empower and showcase the untapped potential of female esports players in Africa. Ann Ndanu, Co-Founder of NAICCON, highlighted the tournament’s success, with over 2500 Kenyan gamers, animators, and gaming creators in attendance over the two-day exhibition.

The Swahili Esports Champions 2023 aims to stimulate entrepreneurship within the esports scene, specifically emphasizing female entrepreneurship in gaming across the continent. The event, held in partnership with NAICCON, provided a space for female gamers to shine, fostering meaningful conversations about the growth of the esports industry in Kenya and beyond.

In addition to the TEKKEN competition, the NAICCON Convention dedicated a day to insightful discussions and professional meetings focused on the burgeoning esports sector in Africa. The event featured distinguished guests from various sectors of the esports ecosystem, fostering a comprehensive dialogue on the challenges, successes, and prospects of female entrepreneurship in the African esports landscape.

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