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Caprice Wine Launches ‘Unbox The Flavour’ Campaign Tapping Into Kenya’s Evolving Wine Market

by Femme Staff

Caprice, a wine brand of Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) has launched a new campaign tagged ’Unbox the Flavour’meant to showcase the brands versatility in pairings with different meals aimed at tapping into the Kenya’s growing wine market.

The campaign targets to engage new generation of wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs through highlighting different aspects of enjoying the wine such as  pairing it with local dishes, cooking with wine and using wine to mix cocktails. 

Speaking during the launch event, KWAL Commercial Director, Jonas Geeraerts stated, “We’re excited to introduce an initiative that resonates with a new generation of wine consumers. This initiative aims to unlock and ignite a passion for wine exploration, for consumers who appreciate experiments and ingenuity. The Kenyan wine market is evolving, and consumers are open to try out new and exciting ways of enjoying their favourite drink. We are inviting our consumers to try out the new experiences that Caprice wine has to offer to the Kenyan market.”

“The changing lifestyle trends of Kenyan consumers, the country’s growing wine market and a growing middle class presents a unique opportunity for Caprice Wine. Our strategic approach is to enlighten and empower wine enthusiasts aiming at enhancing the overall wine experience and showcasing the versatility and convenience of tetra wine,” added Dr. Senorine Wasike – KWAL Marketing Manager.

Caprice wine, packaged in 1 Liter tetra pack is available in four different variants i.e. sweet red, sweet white, dry red and dry white, targeting a wide variety of consumer palates. The wine is readily accessible in leading retail outlets countrywide.

Over the years, Caprice wine has transformed and adapted to the changing times, and consumer tastes & preferences by demystifying the world of accessible wine and offering an exceptional experience combining quality and innovation. The campaign is in line with KWAL’s objective to solidify its position as an industry leader in the growing wine consumer market in the country.

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